TLC newcomer! Season 5 of the network’s hit show Unexpected is returning, and fans will get to opportunity to meet new cast member, Emersyn Potter.

Unexpected follows a group of teenagers as they share their teen pregnancy journeys, struggle with adjusting to motherhood, tense moments with their parents and family member and drama in their relationships with the fathers of their children.

Emersyn is set to make her debut on season 5. She is 18 years old and from Washington. She will document her first pregnancy as she struggles with strict rules placed on her by her mother, Erica, while also dealing with her boyfriend, Mason Ramirez, who is underprepared for fatherhood. Emersyn and Mason welcomed their son, Mateo, in June 2021.

In the trailer for the upcoming season, which was dropped on February 15, Emersyn asked her mom to bend one of her rules after she gave birth to her son.

“Do you think Mason will be able to sleep in my room?” she asked. Erica, 42, responded, “Emy, we went over this. We’re going to have him downstairs.”

In her confessional, Emersyn revealed that she would rebel against her mom’s wishes. “She’s not going to win this one,” she said. “Take that, mom.”

Mason followed Emersyn up the stairs to her room in a following scene, and Erica was not happy that her daughter broke her rule, so she imposed and even more strict boundary. “Let’s make it clear that I said Mason couldn’t sleep in the bed with you, and I caught him sleeping in the bed,” Erica said, putting her foot down with her teenage daughter. “That’s why he’s not allowed in my house.”

In another season 5 teaser, Mason’s mother, Shannon, gets candid while reflecting about the guilt she felt about Emersyn’s teen pregnancy. “I do not believe that Emersyn would have gotten pregnant if I had not been incarcerated,” she said in her confessional.

Emersyn and Mason join the rest of the season 5 cast, made up of returning stars Tyra Boisseau and boyfriend Alex Wilson, Tiarra Boisseau and boyfriend Dee Ragland, Taylor Williams and Noah Whitt, Lilly Bennett and fiancé Lawrence Bishop, Jenna Ronan and ex-boyfriend Aden Albright, as well as fellow newcomers Kylen Smith and boyfriend Jason Korpi.

Unexpected premieres on TLC Sunday, March 6 at 10 p.m. ET.

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