After more than a year hiatus, The Little Couple is finally coming back to TLC and we legit could not be more excited. Obvi, we can’t wait to catch up with Dr. Jen Arnold and see how her health is these days following her hard-fought battle with cancer. But we’re also thrilled to see her adorable husband, Bill Klein, return to our small screens.

To get you pumped for Season 9 of The Little Couple — which premieres Tuesday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m. EST — In Touch rounded up several fun facts about Bill. Read on to learn more about the fun-loving dad of Will, 7, and Zoey, 5!

He was nervous to meet Jen

Bill, who met Jen online and eventually married her in 2009, told Glamour in 2013 that he was terrified to meet her face-to-face the first time. “We met online of course, but when we first met, I was nervous, but I also was nervous because all the getting to know each other that we had done over the phone, I [hoped would translate in person],” he said, adding that her smile is what drew him in. “That’s probably the thing I love most about her. Aside from the fact that she’s a successful woman, doesn’t give up, and is outgoing and personable, she’s got this incredible smile. It’s real, and it just lights up a room. It never gets old.”

He’s an entrepreneur

Jen, a neonatologist, isn’t the only one with a killer career. Bill, an NYU graduate, is an entrepreneur who recently opened Rockie & Maggy’s, a pet supply business named after his family’s dogs. Bill runs the business online, and also has a brick-and-mortar location in Houston, TX, where he and Jen used to live before they relocated to St. Petersburg, FL, for her job.

He couldn’t be more proud of Jen

During a Facebook chat with fans several years back, Bill gushed over his wife and her career as a doctor — even though he misses her like crazy when she’s stuck at the hospital. “Jen works too often! I wish we had a lot more time together, but ya just have to let a girl chase her dream! And she’s doing such a good job at it,” he said. “Frankly, my favorite episodes are the ones where she is working… I am the very proud husband (and they don’t let me in the NICU, like the camera crew).”

He’s obsessed with football

Bill, who was born and raised in Port Jefferson, Long Island, is a diehard New York Giants fan. In 2013, he revealed to Glamour that he has dreams of taking his son, Will, to the Super Bowl one day. “I would love it to be the Super Bowl,” he said. “I might cave in and take Will to a Texans game since their stadium is rather close to us.”

But he’s even more obsessed with his kids

Of all the things he is, Bill is most proud to be a father. “I remember a time before Will and Zoey. I never really understood what parenthood was really all about,” he has said on the show. “But when I wasn’t a parent, I could never envision having that sort of relationship with a child where I enjoy and hang on every word and everything they do. It’s been a remarkable journey so far.”

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