The Putmans are not your ordinary family. TLC’s newest series Meet the Putmans follows an American family who does things a little differently —nobody leaves. That’s right — in the Putman house, you don’t leave to start your own family and buy your own home. Instead, you live with your family forever. The network’s website describes it as, “Three Generations, 10 adults, 15 kids; 25 people. ALL living under one roof, sharing everything.”

To many people that would be enough to send them into a full-blown panic… sharing bathrooms?! Living with in-laws?! But, it works for this family. Keep scrolling to learn more about them.

Meet the cast.

Bill and Barb Putman are at the head of the family. They’ve been married for 35 years and they raised four children together: Billy, 33, Brandon, 30, Blake, 28, and Blair, 26. Those four children married off and had children of their own.

What is the Putman family’s religion?

Even though they don’t specify what type of religion they follow, the Putman family seems very religious. When time came for Blair to give birth to her third child, she had a difficult time during labor and ultimately had to have a C-section. But her father said, “God never gives us more than we can handle.”

Where do the Putmans live?

Their old house, which is located in Lake Huron, MI, is 6,250 square feet — but it just wasn’t big enough for this supersized family. Today, they have grown to a total of 26 people living under one roof because Bill and Barb’s only daughter Blair just gave birth to her third child — a son named Solomon — earlier this spring.

They built their new house together.

Through the series, the Putmans have talked about building their dream home —
which is going to be a whopping 34,000 square feet — in Caro, MI, according to local news site MLive. On a recent episode of the series, the adults in the family argued over picking out the color of the roofing for their new home.

They wouldn’t live any other way.

“We all sat down and said, do we really want to continue doing this?” Billy Putman asked his family members. “We ultimately decided that we’re having a lot of fun. We voted and it was unanimous.”

If the fact that the large family all lives together in one house isn’t jarring enough, wait until you hear the real kicker: They also share one bank account. Dinner is served every night at 6 p.m. and if 25 place settings weren’t enough they also include two extras just in case.

putman family 2

(Photo Credit: Jacob Hamilton)

“The whole counter is full with people, the main table is full, but there are always two plates, just in case someone decides to drop by,” Bill explained. “It’s who we are — a welcoming family that loves being with people.” Well, that’s for sure.

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