TLC loves documenting large families — and that includes the 7 Little Johnstons brood. Sure, technically the Johnston family is “little” — they’re the world’s largest known family living with achondroplasia dwarfism — but they have a very full house, headed up by Amber Johnston.

The 37-year-old matriarch is the heart of the hit reality show, and she and husband Trent do a great job of corralling their five kids under 18. It’s no wonder viewers have been hooked since the 2015 premiere!

Now that the show is on its fourth season, it’s time we refresh ourselves on Amber. Read on for everything you need to know about the hard-working mama in 2017.

Where did she grow up?

The Georgia native was raised in a family-of-five, of which she was the only little person. Still, her parents made a point to bring her up the same as her younger brother and sister.

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What happened to her mom?

It’s unclear how Amber’s mother passed away. However, in an episode of the show where viewers learned that her adoptive father was the one who raised her, she was able to reconnect with her biological father. At that time, she alluded to her mom’s death.

How tall is Amber?

Like the rest of her family, Amber has achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, affecting the extremities. She stands at 4 feet tall.

How did she meet husband Trent?

The couple first met as teens, hitting it off while attending a little people’s convention. After dating for three-plus years, they tied the knot. Five months later, Amber was pregnant with their first child!

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Where does she live?

The Johnston family lives in Forsyth, GA, a small town of only 4,000 people about an hour outside of Atlanta. They bought a “fixer-upper” and fans have loved watching the progress of the renovation.

How is her health?

Amber has had serious back problems due to her condition. Though she’s feeling better recently, she admits she still “plays it day-by-day,” knowing she’ll have to have surgery in the future.

How many kids does she have?

As mentioned above, Amber and Trent have five children under 18. Their biological children are 16-year-old son Jonah and daughter Elizabeth, 14. They then adopted 15-year-old daughter Anna from Russia, 11-year-old daughter Emma from China, and son Alex, 10, from South Korea.

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What does she do for a living?

When we first met Amber on the show, she was a stay-at-home mom to her five kids. Since, she’s started a career as a licensed realtor in Middle Georgia for Washburn & Associates.

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