We’re used to seeing broken hearts on The Bachelorette — but it looks like someone hurt way more than their heart during the show’s fourteenth season! In a preview for this season of The Bachelorette — which we can only assume is the most dramatic season ever — we see a contestant being taken away on stretcher as ambulances flash by. Since we saw the initial sneak peak on Night 1, fans have been trying to figure out who gets hurt and goes to the hospital on the reality show — and some Internet detectives may have actually cracked the case wide open!

WARNING: There are spoilers about an upcoming episode of The Bachelorette below the video. While we won’t reveal anything major — like who nabs the final rose — it does reveal a plot point about the hospital visit (which we’re assuming you want to know if you clicked here in the first place…). Even so, proceed with caution!

Anyway, back to our mystery at hand — who goes to the hospital? Enter our mystery-solving friends over at reddit. According to one redditor, the mystery man on the stretcher is none other than David — aka the chicken from the first night. And the “proof” is pretty great.

According to this casual Bachelorette fan/private investigator, the trailer for next week’s episode shows the man in the stretcher wearing polka dot boxer briefs — a major clue to this redditor. Apparently, our expert has the same boxer/briefs, which happened to come from a subscription box offered by MeUndies. Cool, you’re probably wondering, but how does this relate to David, like, at all?!

becca bachelorette hospital

Well apparently during Night 2’s tuxedo scene (you know, where the guys in the marriage material obstacle course stripped down and put on tuxes only to get them super dirty in an obstacle course?!), David was rocking smiley face boxer briefs — which were also a part of MeUndies’ subscription box, leading this self-appointed Underwear Expert to deduce that David, our beloved chicken, is in fact the man on the stretcher.

Well! There you have it! We can’t wait to see this drama play out on TV (as long as the man on the stretcher, likely David, is okay — of course)!

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