Imagine going from barely being allowed to hold hands to being full-on married overnight. If you think that sounds a little awkward, you're totally right! In an exclusive Bringing Up Bates clip from In Touch, Tori Bates and Bobby Smith talk about how "wrong" it feels to suddenly be allowed to kiss and cuddle and do "whatever in the world you want." Watch the video above to see the very honest moment.

The video also gives us a glimpse into Tori and Bobby's super-romantic honeymoon. The adorable newlyweds headed to California after their beautiful wedding, and it looks totally magical as they take a horse-drawn carriage ride through a snowy forest. It would have been the perfect time for a romantic kiss if only Bobby didn't feel so weird about it! He even asks "what, am I supposed to kiss you?" as Tori giggles.

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Just in case you missed the announcement: this is the real us. 🤣 But on a serious note, we are absolutely thrilled to become parents! We cannot wait to meet our little gift from God this November. ❤👪

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But no worries, there are plenty more opportunities for romance. In the upcoming episode, the couple drives up the Pacific Coast Highway, and takes a boat ride around the beautiful Monterey Bay. Then they head up to Yosemite National Park, which would make the perfect backdrop for a tender moment. Clearly they got the hang of things eventually, because Tori is now pregnant with naby No. 1!

While Tori and Bobby are trying to get away from their old courting habits, Kelton and Josie may soon start their own courtship journey! After Gil and Kelly Jo give the handsome bachelor their permission to ask Josie to be his girlfriend, Kelton plans out a magial day. He brings Josie to Gatlinburg to go on a picturesque tram ride and ice skating adventure, but will he work up the courage to ask her the question? Tune in to the upcoming episode of Bringing Up Bates on UP on Thursday, June 7 at 9PM EST to watch it all unfold!

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