Well, this is a little awkward. Some of the Sister Wives stars are actually related, and a few of the people who are technically family are also married to each other, Radar Online reported on Jan. 4. That’s got to make the family reunions real weird.

Sister Wives returns to TLC for another season on Jan. 20, and armed with this knowledge, your premiere party may be even more interesting. According to Radar, Kody and Christine Brown — one of Kody’s four wives — aren’t just spouses, because they’re also cousins. The outlet cited an Ancestry.com tree that shows the two of them share William Moore Allred and Orissa Angela Bates as relatives, making them distant cousins. So, it’s not like they grew up going to Thanksgiving and sitting at the kids’ table together, but it’s still a little odd.

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And it gets weirder. Kody and Janelle — another one of his wives — share daughter Maddie, and she’s married to Caleb Brush. Caleb is Maddie’s aunt’s brother/the brother of Kody’s sister-in-law, Erica Brush Brown, according to Heavy. So at least they’re not blood-related.

And that’s not all! Radar also reported back in October 2015 that Janelle was previously married to Adam Clark Barber — the brother of Meri, Kody’s first wife and therefore Janelle’s sister wife. Janelle actually fell in love with her first husband’s brother-in-law while she was still married to that first husband. Her old TLC bio used to read, “I met Kody in the fall of 1989, even though he may not remember it. When he walked into the room I looked at him and had that feeling of remembering something I had forgotten. It was a singular experience.” Kody and Janelle were not “spiritually married” until 1993.

We can’t even imagine how complicated it must be to do a family tree for the Brown family. Those branches must get pretty twisted!