In 2012, Rolling Stone crowned Hunter Moore “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” after founding a revenge porn website called Now, 10 years later, Netflix is releasing a documentary series of the same name unpacking Moore’s rise to infamy — and subsequent demise, including his 2014 arrest. To find out where Moore is today, keep reading. 

What Was

Moore, who called himself a “professional life ruiner,” launched Is Anyone Up? in 2010.

The website allowed users to anonymously submit nude photos — primarily of their exes — as well as their social media handles. Sometimes the submissions would also include the individual’s home address, place of employment, family members’ information and more.

After Moore posted the photos to his site, he would often encourage users to comment “their worst.” Additionally, because all of the person’s information was readily available, people featured  on Is Anyone Up? were often harassed via social media.

Moore made money from Is Anyone Up? through advertising and selling merchandise. Eventually, he also began making money from hosting parties. Although many considered Is Anyone Up? to be abhorrent, Moore gained a cult-like following called “The Family.”

These individuals considered Moore a “God,” making him, and Is Anyone Up?, all the more popular.

Why Did Hunter Moore Go to Prison?

Although revenge porn is illegal in some states today — including Moore’s home state of California — it wasn’t at the time.

However, many victims of Is Anyone Up assured that they never actually sent their nude photos to anyone. So, how did they end up on the site?

Charlotte Laws, whose daughter Kayla was a victim of Moore’s website, was the first person to suggest Moore was involved in a hacking scheme. After contacting countless other Is Anyone Up? victims, Laws took her findings to the FBI.

On January 23, 2014, Moore was arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft.

In February the following year, Moore pleaded guilty to felony charges of aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting in the unauthorized access of a computer. He was sentenced to two years and six months in prison and was ordered to pay a $2,000.00 fine and a restitution fee of $145.70. Moore was also banned from using social media.

Where Is Hunter Moore Today?

Moore was released in May 2017 and has kept a low profile since with no presence on social media. In September 2018, he self-published Is Anyone Up?!: The Story of Revenge Porn.

Initially, Moore agreed to participate in Netflix’s The Most Hated Man on the Internet, and later declined.

Does Still Exist?

16 months after Is Anyone Up? went live, former Marine James McGibney convinced Moore to sell him the site.  McGibney then rerouted to his anti-bullying website, Now, reroutes to his personal website.

“Sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully and I’m the first to admit that I intellectually bullied the ever-loving s–t out of you. Your main stated objective was to ‘ruin’ young girls’ lives. Even after they indicated that they were going to commit suicide if their unauthorized naked images weren’t removed from your website, you laughed in their faces,” McGibney later penned in a letter to Moore. “Are you still laughing now? You tried to destroy their lives, but instead, I intellectually destroyed yours.  You received a masterclass in the fine art of social engineering.”

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