Netflix’s three-part docuseries Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Scandal gave viewers an inside look at the infamous 2015 hack of the dating site for married people. Much of the focus centered around former CEO Noel Biderman’s promotion of the site and how he handled the data breach. ​

Where Is Former Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman Now?

Biderman’s website states that he’s “an international CEO, public company board member, founder, author, speaker, lecturer and father.” The exact organization that Biderman claims to be CEO of is not listed on his site.

However, Biderman’s LinkedIn profile lists his title as “Chief Executive, Operating, Marketing, Everything Officer,” and underneath the “Experience” category, it lists him as the CEO of Avenue Insights. The profile states that he started the position in November 2016 and is working there at the time of publication of this article.

What Happened to Former Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman?

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Scandal showed viewers Biderman’s beginnings at the company. The dad of two left his career as a sports lawyer and became the CEO of Ashley Madison in 2007. Not only did the Toronto native run the company, but he eventually became the face of the organization, along with his wife, Amanda Biderman.

Biderman was credited with much of the company’s success after he came on board. Using his lawyer background, Biderman was always up for debate as he appeared on various talk shows promoting the site, and he didn’t back down from his belief that cheating could actually help a marriage.

However, when the hack exposed alleged fake profiles and the fact that the company’s “pay-to-delete” feature wasn’t really deleting customer’s information, Biderman eventually stopped showing up to work.

Where Is Former Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman Now?
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In August 2015, the Ashley Madison board members announced in a meeting that they would be replacing some of the employees, and Biderman was one of them.

Is Former Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman Still Married?

Along with Ashley Madison customers’ personal information being released in the hack, Biderman was a victim, too, with all of his personal emails being released. While Biderman touted never having an affair or cheating on Amanda during his interviews, the emails told a different story. In the emails, it was revealed that Biderman had sought out young escorts on more than one occasion, per The Guardian.

Hulu’s documentary The Ashley Madison Affair, which premiered in 2023, featured Biderman’s lawyer releasing a statement about his life today.

“Mr. Biderman is — and was — a committed husband and father,” his lawyer said. “Mr. Biderman was also the victim of a crime, like the customers of Ashley Madison whose public information was hacked and publicized. While Mr. Biderman understands the differences between himself and those customers, he — like many of them — have, in the intervening years, attempted to move on and repair the damage to his life and relationships. He feels fortunate that his wife, Amanda, has stood by him throughout. And he is committed to continuing to move forward and grow.”

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