It’s just gonna get closer and closer! Audrey Roloff and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, talked about her second pregnancy on the July 30 episode of their podcast, Behind the Scenes, and the couple dished about everything from their birth plans, to whether they want a boy or a girl, to when they’re expecting their newest bundle of joy. “I am seventeen weeks,” Audrey, 28, confirmed on the show. “And my due date is January 8. So, very different this time around. Having a winter baby. As opposed to last year, we had Ember at the very end of the summer. So being pregnant at a different time of the year is just fun.”

Jeremy, 29, and Audrey also confirmed that she’s probably going to have a “natural” birth again and avoid pain medication. “So I’ve always been pretty crunchy,” Audrey said. “If medical interventions are unnecessary then I just lean more on the natural side. But I also wanted to experience the true pains of childbirth and pregnancy.” She also addressed why she isn’t choosing to do a home birth, and referred back to the first time she had a baby. “I loved that I had access to medical professionals,” she said. “Heaven forbid if anything ever happened … I had really great nurses and midwives … I felt like I had a home birth at the hospital.”

“There’s also something really cool to me about bringing our baby home,” Audrey added. “That’s just me. I had a really great experience with it, and probably will do the same thing.” Hey, whatever works for her!

Audrey and Jeremy also answered a rather odd, burning fan question: whether or not she and her sister-in-law, Tori Roloff, deliberately tried to get pregnant at the same time. “No, Tori and I did NOT plan to be pregnant together,” Audrey confirmed. Her husband actually went as far as calling the question, “one of the most ridiculous, ignorant, rude, selfish” that they could be asked. “It’s really disrespectful for the journey, the difficult journey, that a lot of women specifically have to go through,” he explained. “Because getting pregnant is a gift from God … to say that, ‘oh you just chose to get pregnant because this other person’ … ugh, I don’t know. It just really kind of rubbed me the wrong way that a lot of people are saying that.”

Ultimately, the most important thing is that the couple gets a happy, healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy. Do you think they’ll welcome their baby right on January 8?

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