While the entire east coast is hunkered down and waiting out the storm, a few of you might be wondering what to do on a snow day. Fortunately, the rest of us have taken advantage of this elusive downtime to finally do what we always wanted to do in the middle of a work week — drink! And maybe waste our time with some pointless celebrity-inspired games, too? Be honest — we just read your mind.

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If you’re looking to kill some time today, check out our handy snow day guide below that’s packed with activities to bide your time until the snow blows through. From drinking games (even solo ones) to celebrity games, this is one guide you definitely want to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate with.

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Snow Day Drinking Games

Game #1: The Instagram Game

What you need: booze, yourself, a computer or phone

Directions: Since we all browse endlessly through celebrity social media profiles anyway, this one should be easy. Pick a celebrity, any celebrity, and visit their Instagram page. Browse through a take a sip of your drink every time you see the following: 1.) A mirror selfie; 2.) A shot of them standing on a balcony at some island resort; 3.) A shot of them at the gym; 4.) a belfie.

Game #2: Drunk Bechdel Test

What you need: booze, yourself and maybe a friend, Netflix

Directions: The Bechdel Test asks whether a film has at least one scene featuring two female characters talking to each other about something other than a man. The majority of films don’t pass this test, which makes this the perfect drinking game! Pick a movie on Netflix and take a drink any time two women are on screen talking about a guy. If you want to get really plastered, pick a rom-com!

Game #3: Never Have I Ever
What you need: booze, yourself, and a friend

Directions: The ol’ classic — with a celeb twist! In the game, everyone takes turns saying something a celebrity has done that they have never done. For example, “I have never shaved my head, like Britney Spears.” If someone says something that you have done, take a drink. Be honest!

Game #4: Russian Roulette

What you need: clear booze, yourself and maybe a friend

Directions: Grab about six to eight shot glasses and pour them with water. Then take one shot glass and pour it with vodka or tequila (or some other clear alcohol) and hide it amongst the others. Take turns going around and taking random shots. Whoever gets the vodka shot must jump up and rap Nicki Minaj’s verse in “Monster.”

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