Mother’s intuition. Tori Roloff worries that her daughter, Lilah, has hydrocephalus after noticing “something wrong” with her baby girl in a new teaser for the upcoming episode of Little People, Big World, airing Tuesday, October 13.  

“The last couple of days, Lilah hasn’t been feeling very well and today, she woke up pretty bad,” the mother of two, 29, says about their now 10-month-old while seated alongside husband Zach Roloff in a confessional. “She’s been throwing up a lot and just seems to be in pain and just not comfortable.” 

Tori Roloff and Daughter Lilah Ray
Courtesy Tori Roloff/Instagram

Zach, 30, reveals his mother, Amy Roloff, came over to watch their son, Jackson, while they tried to book a doctor appointment to find out what is going on. 

“She has something,” Tori says. “You’ve seen it … her nose is all plugged up. Is it something more than that? Or is that all it is? That’s my only concern right now.” 

The TLC star says she feels it in her gut that Lilah could be facing a bigger issue and speculates it has to do with dwarfism. “I’ve dealt with a lot more medical issues growing up, and so I think when these situations come up, I’m able to be calm about it and Tori maybe doesn’t have that experience,” Zach shares. 

Tori admits she wouldn’t have the same unease about it if her daughter was “average height.” Because of the circumstances, the TV personality couldn’t help but speculate achondroplasia, which is the same type of dwarfism Jackson, 3, and Zach have, could be the cause for her daughter’s discomfort.  

Tori Roloff, Lilah and Jackson Photo by the Christmas Tree
Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

“When you throw dwarfism into it … is it hydrocephalus? Is she uncomfortable? Is her head growing too fast? There’s so many other things that come into play,” the Oregon resident shares, adding Zach had it when he was younger.

Hydrocephalus is when the “water from your brain is not being properly drained,” she explains. “It’s a big concern because anytime you have pressure on your brain, that can do damage.” 

The medical condition Lilah might have “can happen at any age, but it occurs more frequently among infants and adults 60 and over,” according to Mayo Clinic. 

“I don’t see it, but I’m not saying you’re wrong,” Zach replies during their emotional conversation. “It seems like she’s in pain,” Tori says, before breaking down in tears as Amy consoles her. 

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays on TLC at 9/8c.

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