It's been six years since American Chopper ended it's run on Discovery Channel, and we still miss the guys. Fans were especially fond of Vincent "Vinnie" DiMartino, whose storyline on the show involved him leaving Orange County Choppers to team up with Cody Connelly and start his own company, V-Force Customs in NY. So, what happened to Vinnie after American Chopper? He's doing great!

In 2013, Vinny's motorcycle biz began to transform and adapt to low chopper sales. He sold off his expensive morotcycle equiptment, and changed the name to DiMartino Motorsports Automotive and Truck Repair in Montgomery City. He may be more focused on tinkering with cars now, but he still loves bikes! He keeps fans up to date with an Instagram account that shows off his wife Melissa DiMartino, their three adorable kids Ava, Bella, Vincey, and Vanessa, and his golden retriever. He also has a YouTube account where he talks about his business and cars, pranks his friends, and answers fans' questions about his life.

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So, is Vinnie still pals with his old co-stars? He's definitely still tight with Cody, who he no longer works with. "Me and Cody are like brothers, he's such a great guy," he said. While explaining leaving OCC in 2007, he said. "that was't staged, that was real, and it felt good. I knew I wanted to get out of there for a while." Vinnie later returned to the show, but not his old garage. "I wanted to have nothing to do with Orange County, I promosed myself I would never work with them again."

So what about the guys that worked there? Mostly, they're all cool. "Paul [Teutul Jr], I don't see him that much, he's got a family. I'm 45 I don't go out hanging out, I don't do much besides my family stuff, but we're friends of course we're friends. Mikey [Teutul], I don't see Mikey much at all but I love that guy. He's authentic. I wish I saw him more. Rick [Petko] lives down in PA, I don't see him much at all. He's great at what he does. He's definitely the only true biker there. I see Christian [Welter] a lot, he works with me on Saturdays once and a while. He's a really good guy. I don't really see anybody else from OCC."

So there you have it! Vinnie is doing great, and he's still pretty cool with his old co-stars. We couldn't be happier for him!

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