Okay, so who else freaked out when they saw that Jill Duggar is wearing a nose ring now? Yep, apparently Jill started rocking a nose piercing just a few days ago. And not only that, she’s been spotted wearing pants, too. Not just once, but a few times. She also shared a family photo on the Duggars’ site showing off her knees, and the whole Duggar family fandom is just like, “Uh, what the f–k is going on?”

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The Counting On subreddit is legit shook, writing, “OMG, Jill is not at all one of the sisters that I thought would ever wear pants!” and, “I’m quietly surfing the net in bed instead of sleeping and just woke SO up by gasping loudly at this pic of Jill in pants!! She is the last person on the planet I’d expect to be wearing pants!” One fan even reminded the others about that time Jill and the other Duggars went firefighting and she sewed a skirt onto the uniform so she wouldn’t be immodest or too masculine (or whatever the family’s reasoning is for banning pants is).

When it comes to the question of why this is happening, though, they’ve got some theories to offer up. One, of course, is that the Duggars are just growing and evolving over time and engaging in more normal activities — like wearing pants and getting recreational, cool-girl piercings. They may have grown up looking to mama Michelle Duggar for their fashion cues, but now that the older girls are married and in their twenties, they’re ready to set their style themselves (aka with their husbands’ permission).

Another theory? Jill isn’t just becoming more modern, she’s specifically going out of her way to “normalize” her family — especially after all of Derick Dillard‘s recent controversies. He hasn’t been able to keep his mouth shut on Twitter, spouting his questionable views across social media. It’s gotten to the point where he’s even been fired from TLC after all his jabs at Jazz Jennings.

Seeing as Jill liked all of his offensive tweets, she likely agrees with them — but as part of the Duggar family, she’s also probably got that image to maintain if they want to stay on TV. After seeing all the attention and “You go, girl!”s her sister Jinger Duggar gets for flouting their childhood rules, maybe she decided that was the best course of action to get back in the public’s good graces. After all, TLC’s statement about Derick didn’t mention anything about Jill, so it’s likely she’s still welcome on the show. These “rebellious” moves could just be publicity spin.

Or, maybe she just wanted to pierce her nose and wear pants. Hey, Derick did used to rock the man-bun, after all. Maybe they’re just embracing what they previously thought of as fashion faux-pas. We’ll have to wait and see how wild Jill really gets.

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