Looking for love! Wendy Williams exclusively reveals what she wants in her next relationship following her split from ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

“I need a mature man, at least 45 years old,” The Wendy Williams Show host, 56, tells In Touch. “He has to have been married and divorced before. He has to have already had his children out of the way, and we can’t live together. Because he’s not moving into my apartment, and I don’t want to live in his apartment.”

In April 2019, Williams filed for divorce from her husband after nearly 22 years of marriage. The breakup came after her longtime love welcomed a child with his mistress, which the broadcaster later confirmed to The New York Times.

“I don’t miss him,” Williams divulges, noting, however, that she doesn’t “regret” meeting him. “He didn’t have a girlfriend at the time, and I didn’t have a boyfriend. We had feelings for each other on our first date when he picked me up at the radio station, and he and I were together ever since.”

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The couple dated for four years and got married in 1997. “Then we went through miscarriage. I mean, Kevin and I went through a lot,” she says before claiming he’s “a serial cheater.”

Despite his alleged infidelity, the New Jersey native says she would have divorced her former flame regardless. “Some of the things that I loved him for are things that I’ve outgrown now. Whether there was a baby or mistress or not, I would have still divorced Kevin, because I’ve outgrown some of his less than mature ways.”

These days, she’s keeping her options open but admits she stays away from “social media” and “DMs” when it comes to dating. “Men, I think, are intimidated by me and scared of me. I know I’m going to have a harder time than your average woman because I’m strong, I’m attractive, independent and I’m smart,” the Ask Wendy author continued. “And, so it does take a special kind of man to want to be with a girl like me. And I don’t want a young boy.”

What she does want, though, is a prenup. “I’m a loyal and faithful, and there will be a prenuptial agreement. What’s yours is yours, and what’s mine is mine. He could very well be a wealthy man, but I can take care of myself, and I’ll take that chance.”

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