Move over, Barbie! Victoria Justice has a hit TV show (Nickelodeon's Victorious) and a smash single ("Best Friend's Brother"), but now she's truly hit the big time: She has her own singing "Make It Shine" doll of her Victorious character, Tori (from Spin Master, available October 1). The 18-year-old actress spoke with In Touch about becoming an action figure, covering "Almost Paradise" for the Footloose soundtrack and having Chelsea Handler play her character's mom in the movie Fun Size.

It is it surreal to see yourself in doll form?

It's insane seeing a little mini-me of myself! In the beginning processes, my mother had to take a profile picture of me and then a straight-on picture of me to help mold the doll's face to help it look similar to me and my character. But it's insane seeing a little mini-me of myself! And if you lift up one arm, she sings the Victorious theme song "Make It Shine," and if you lift up the other arm, you hear a crowd cheering applause. It's really cute.

You can also be heard singing, covering "Almost Paradise" on the soundtrack to the new Footloose.

I'm so honored to be a part of that. It's the first music from me people will hear outside of Victorious. It's a duet of "Almost Paradise" with this up-and-coming country singer named Hunter Hayes. It's a very epic love song and I'm really excited to see how they use it in the movie. The original Footloose is so iconic. Kevin BaconSarah Jessica Parker was in it — she played the kinda nerdy friend. Speaking of one degree of Kevin Bacon, I performed on The View and Sarah Jessica Parker was on the elevator, so there you go!

Were you starstruck?

I don't really get starstruck, but I admire and respect her a lot. She's one of those people I've heard so many great things about, even inside the industry. I think she's a really funny, relatable and talented lady.

How will your solo music differ from your songs on Victorious?

I've already written like 20 songs that are potentially for my solo album. I'm definitely writing from the heart and I'm excited for people to hear who I really am as an artist. The music on the show is really good — the Victorious soundtrack was just released, and it debuted at No. 5 on Billboard and the first single "Freak The Freak Out" went gold — and most of it is kinda dancey and poppy. But writing my own stuff, I think it's going to be more mature, because I'm writing for myself and I'm writing from my own personal experience. It's pop music, but I want it to be very melodic, I want it to have soul to it, and I want the lyrics to be funny, real and true to who I am. Some of the songs are more reflective and more emotional. There's going to be a range of emotions and sounds.

Another more mature project you have coming up next year is the Halloween movie Fun Size, with Chelsea Handler and Johnny Knoxville. What was that like?

It's a fun, young-adult comedy. The script is hilarious — I laughed out loud so many times. It's the feature film debut of Josh Schwartz of Gossip Girl and The O.C. Chelsea Handler plays my mom in the movie — she's so funny—dry, witty and sarcastic. I admire the fact that she is who she is and she doesn't care what other people think. I think that's pretty cool. Johnny Knoxville was a really nice guy. He was a gentleman, very down to earth. I loved hanging out with him. We're kinda described as Adventures in Babysitting meets Superbad. It's edgier than the other things I've done.

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