Before Carrie Keagan was VH1’s popular Big Morning Buzz Live host, she was worthless, not cool and a total whore — or so the mean girls she grew up with in Buffalo, N.Y., wanted her to believe. “They would follow me around and harass me,” Carrie tells In Touch. “Their sole purpose in life was to make my life a living hell.”

The relentless bullying reached fever pitch when Carrie, now 31, made the fatal mistake of dating a guy one of her popular classmates liked. “I felt really alone, and I would go home and cry,” she recalls. Although Carrie reached out for help, “back then, when you told someone, it was like, ‘Suck it up!’ At one point, my mom called the school and complained, and they said, 'We'll see what we can do.' I ended up changing schools my sophomore year.”

Although things got better for Carrie, she still encountered “mean girls” at the new school. “Girls are just mean to each other. It's awful. I still deal with bullies everyday, especially in this business,” she says.

As for the bullies from the first school, Carrie did manage to get some closure recently. “I was home for Christmas at a bar and I saw a girl walk in who was so mean to me. She ordered a red wine and we started talking. She knocked over her wine, but I caught it [before it spilled] on her gorgeous wool coat. She gave me a look like, 'You just saved me.' She took that moment to say, ‘I was mean to you in high school, and I'm really sorry,’ and she gave me a hug. I did the right thing, and it got me an apology. It gave me closure.”

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