Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for couples who love being mushy and buying each other gifts. For everyone else, it can be stressful (what are you supposed to get him?!) and add a weird pressure to your relationship (especially if you haven’t been dating long).

But we’re here to help! Forgo the typical lovey-dovey gifts and opt for something with a little more humor. He’ll appreciate it and you’ll feel like less of a sellout of the corporate holiday (well, as much as you can while still participating).

1. Funny Valentine’s Day Wine Label Set | $10

cute wine labels

A nice bottle of wine is always a safe gift, but you can make yourself stand out a bit with these funny labels.

With four designs to choose from — including “I’m only in this for your cute butt obviously,” “Valentine’s Day to-do list: You,” “I don’t really like people, so it’s kind of a big deal that I love you. No seriously. You’re like the only person I can be around for more than a few hours,” and “Let’s be weird together” — it’s the perfect way to casually say “Hey, I like you” while not having to worry about whether they like your present. After all, who doesn’t like wine?


2. Beef Jerky Roses | $35

beef rose bouquet

Flowers? Typical. Beef jerky? Oh, hell yeah! Surprise your guy with this meat stick bouquet, and listen to him tell his friends about it for years to come.


3. ‘Valentines and Chill?’ Hip Flask | $27.90

valentine's and chill flask

Only been dating a few weeks? Not sure of how serious things between you really are? Show off your sense of humor, while setting the tone for a relaxed V-day, with this ‘Valentine’s and Chill?’ flask. Netflix is so last month, after all.


4. ‘I Love the Crap Out Of You’ Toilet Paper | $8.99

i love you toilet paper

Want to tell your bae how much you love him without being too mushy? This toilet paper should do the trick. Not only will he get a good laugh out of it, he’ll actually be able to use it. Nothing beats sweet, funny, and practical.


5. ‘I Can’t Believe How Much I’m Not Sick of You’ Bear | $23.97

cute valentine's day bear

Who says girls are the only ones who get stuffed bears for Valentine’s Day? Flip the script and let him know just how much you’re not sick of him… yet.


6. ‘You’re The Bomb’ Valentines Mug | $16.65

you're the bomb mug

Not into the whole “I love you so much, babe” culture of Valentine’s Day? Show your infatuation with this “You’re the bomb” mug, because who doesn’t appreciate a good pun. Better yet, give him Jäger and RedBull along with it for the ultimate (Jäger) bomb experience.


7. ‘I Love You More Than…’ Funny Candles | $28.00

funny candles valentine's day gift

Does bae know how much you like tacos? What about pizza? Show him just how serious you are about him with these funny “I love you more than…” personalized candles.


8. Usquaebach Premium Blended Scotch Whiskey | $40

whiskey valentine's day

When all else fails, whiskey is the answer.


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