Ali Fedotowsky is nearly at the finish line with her In Touch 8-week summer slim-down challenge. “I feel great,” she tells In Touch. Ali went from hating exercise to actually looking forward to it. “Working out is just a part of my life now. It’s my ‘me time,’ ” she explains.

Her trainer, Bebesh Khakshouri at La Jolla Sports Club, is exceedingly impressed with Ali’s progress. “Ali has an incredibly busy schedule but still makes it to the gym,” Bebesh says. For the remaining two weeks of the program, Bebesh is honing in on Ali’s diet. She says Ali will ideally have a half a cup of oatmeal and six egg whites for breakfast, 20 almonds as a snack, and lunch could be grilled chicken breast with brown rice followed by a fruit. Then Ali ends the day with a lean protein and veggies with some yogurt for dessert.

“I allow myself one cheat day a week,” Ali admits. “It feels good to enjoy the 'naughty' foods, and then I’m more motivated to the good ones.”

So with focus and determination, Ali is sure to complete her fitness regime with flying colors!

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