Trying to win her back? On the Sunday, September 8, season 17 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian revealed that her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, attempted to make a move on her — just two months after he hooked up with Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods — right before their daughter True Thompson’s first birthday party.

“I really am just trying to figure out my own life at the moment,” the 35-year-old explained at the beginning of the episode. “I have so many raw emotions toward Tristan. I’m just healing and processing and going through the motions, I guess.” But Tristan, 28, is determined to get what he wants, so he sent Koko flowers in addition to calling and texting her non-stop. “Tristan thinks people are disposable,” Khloé told her sisters. “Like if he sends me enough flowers or text messages, I’m going to come around.”

At this point, the Good American designer hadn’t seen Tristan in person since his rendezvous with Jordyn, 21. “I know I’ll get to that place,” she said. “Right now, it’s really challenging and tough for me. My feelings are super raw, and I’m hurt and humiliated by what he did to me.” But Khloé’s mom, Kris Jenner, said it was “too soon” for him to be at the festivities.

Khloe K says Tristan tried to kiss her after scandal

Khloé revealed that she was going to have Tristan over the night before, so their issues would be less awkward at the party. “It was fine,” she told her assistant about their chat. “At first he texted saying, ‘I’m here,’ and I brought True to the door to answer, and she was so excited, and it was really cute. Then, literally, he was just kind of lingering, so I’m like, ‘Are you going to put her to sleep tonight?’ [But he stayed] with intention to see me.”

She added, “He’s like, ‘Do you want to grab a glass of wine?’ I’m like, ‘It must say dumb f—king whore on my forehead. And then he’s like, ‘Can I have a hug?’ So, I one-arm hugged him, but that’s not enough. He tried to kiss me. I’m like, ‘That’s the problem with you. You can’t just take what you get.’ The next morning he’s like, ‘Thank you for letting me see True. She looked great, and you looked even better.’”

During True’s celebrations, things were tense between Tristan and Khloé. The athlete even approached Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, about the fact that they used the rapper’s song in a KUWTK teaser from the previous season. “He felt like we were using my music to reinforce his narrative,” Kanye, 41, said.

Obviously, Khloé was frustrated with her ex. “I’m just trying to be mature and put my s—t to the side,” she vented. “I don’t need this.” Then, the Revenge Body host fled the party in tears, saying, “I’m done.”

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However, it seems like the mom of one is in a great spot these days since she recently divulged she wants everyone to “move on” from the scandal. “I’m not someone that holds a grudge. If I do that, it’s only gonna affect me, and I’m genuinely, I don’t even — that chapter is closed for me,” she explained to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show on September 6. “I want all of us to move on and to be happy, successful people. I just want everyone to just be better people with each day, and that’s genuinely how I feel.”

You go, girl!

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