Yea, this is just a liiittle bit tone deaf. Khloé Kardashian responded to a fan who tweeted the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star about working more so she could afford her Good American brand jeans by saying, “Awwwwww this is so cute!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy them.” Uhh … can anyone say “get a clue, Koko”?

Specifically, the fan tweeted at Khloé, 34, to say, “So I realized I have to work 20 hours in order to afford @khloekardashian jeans … and I’m in love with them … catch me picking up extra shifts.” So she didn’t actually prove that she works more to get the jeans, but the reality TV star’s reply still came off pretty careless anyway.


The responses to the exchange were, predictably, mostly negative. “Not to sound like a hater but this actually upsets me!! Someone had to work a stupid amount of hours to afford ONE pair of jeans. A millionaire thinks it’s ‘cute’ that ppl [sic] have to calculate & think how many hours they have to work to afford little things,” one person wrote. Another replied, “Sick. She doesn’t even realize how tone deaf this is bc [sic] she’s been rich her whole life lol. ‘Being poor is so cute! lol.'”

To be fair, Khloé’s Good American jeans aren’t exactly for bargain shoppers. On the company’s website, the skinny jean collection seems to range from $50 for cutoffs that are on sale to a pair that’s $189. To each their own, but that does seem like a lot of money for one pair of jeans.

For the most part, people on Twitter were not pleased with Koko for her response to the enthusiastic fan. “It’s cute that she has to work 20 hrs to afford 1 pair of jeans??? Yikes 😞,” another person responded. Others advocated for the follower to get some good karma out of the situation, like the Twitter user who wrote, “Give her a coupon code or a discount or something. Damn.”

khloe kardashian
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Khloé doesn’t appear to have responded to the criticism on social media as of March 21. Do you think she’ll address the negativity on the show? It could be that she’s just letting the comments go and focusing on her baby girl, True Thompson. After all — people are going to buy her jeans regardless of how expensive they are. Maybe all publicity really isn’t always good publicity. Sometimes it’s best just to leave the drama to fizzle out on its own.

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