It looks like Tristan Thompson went to the Blac Chyna school of petty! As we all know, Khloé Kardashian is playing nice with her baby daddy following the fallout of his affair with his mistress, Lani Blair, which began in the early stages of her pregnancy. But what many fans don’t realize is that Tristan is also playing nice with his side chick — at least on the surface! A source close to Lani exclusively tells In Touch that she is being spoiled rotten by the 27-year-old baller — though he has some tricks up his sleeve!

“Lani has been complaining to Tristan about going on a shopping spree like he’s promised time and time again. This time, he got clever and sent her a box full of expensive Good American jeans from Khloé’s denim line,” the insider shares exclusively.

Surprisingly, it didn’t faze Lani that she was supporting her man’s baby mama! “Lani was happy,” the source continues. “She didn’t care that Khloé designed those jeans. She was just happy Tristan sent her gifts which shows he cares. Lani even snapped a few pics of herself in the jeans, texted them to Tristan, and said she looks better in them. He replied back with two hearts.”

Of course, those of us who are closely following Tristan’s saga may be surprised to learn that he has Lani back on payroll! He was previously supporting his side chick financially but told her that she was on her own after he was unexpectedly hit with $25,000 fine by the NBA. At the time, an insider explained, “Tristan still sees Lani on the low and gives her thousands of dollars a month for clothes, her hair, mani and pedis, and some pocket change. But now that Tristan got fined $25,000 by the NBA, he told her he can’t pay her and that she’s on her own for the month.”

Has to make you wonder how he was able to afford all those Good American jeans?! We guess it is always nice to have an in with the owner!

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