Mess with the cub, and you’ll have to face mama bear! Tori Roloff proved she’s not going to accept any hate when it comes to her parenting style. When mommy-shamers complained about a blanket and pillow being in baby Jackson’s crib on Sept. 28, the Little People, Big World star clapped back in the best way possible. Watch the video below to see her feisty response.

All of the drama started when Tori shared an adorable Instagram Story captioned “literally how he wakes up from his naps” that showed Jackson excitedly giggling and flapping his arms and being all-around adorable, per usual. He’s covered up with a soft little blue-and-white blankie and there’s a large decorative pillow and stuffed animal in his crib. The video seemed harmless to us, but the unsolicited fan commentary immediately began rolling in.

Luckily, Tori was able to keep her cool, and tried to catch more flies with honey. She opened up to fans through text, explaining that she shares all of the cute pics and videos because she enjoys it. However, she wants moms to be supportive of each other instead of tearing each other down for different parenting styles. “Only you can know what’s best for your child,” she wrote.

That being said, Tori doesn’t take the insinuation that she would put her baby in danger lightly. “I promise I take all aspects of parenting and safety seriously,” she insisted. She knows that just because you may do things differently doesn’t make her “wrong” as long as Jackson (and baby No. 2?) is safe and happy. Last but not least, she issued a calm warning: Too many “perfect parent” comments, and she might have to take a step back from sharing her special family moments with fans. None of us want that, do we?

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