Do we hear wedding bells? Too Hot to Handle couple Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey are still together, the model exclusively confirms to In Touch — and it sounds like a ring is in her future! “Him and I, we talk every day, basically, about how we’re going to get engaged and where we’re going to get married,” the dating show star says. It seems the two are more in love than ever one year after filming wrapped in April 2019.

“We definitely have these serious conversations, because I’m so in love with him, and I know he’s in love with me as well,” Francesca, 25, tells In Touch. “We definitely are both on the same page, and we know what we want. … We’re just excited for when we can finally be together and live together again.” As fans of the Netflix series recall, the couple talked about starting their lives in Canada, but now, they’re thinking Los Angeles might be a better fit.

Too Hot to Handle Star Francesca Farago Tying Up Harry Jowsey
Courtesy of Netflix

Harry, 21, has already settled into Southern California, and the plan is for Francesca to join him once the ongoing coronavirus outbreak is over. Frankly, though, she’d follow him anywhere. “If he wanted to live in Australia, if he wanted to live in Thailand, it wouldn’t even matter to me. I want to be wherever he is.” She admits once they have kids, though, they’re hoping to settle in Canada. “We’ll probably live in a few different places before we decide where we’re going to settle down.”

Though quarantine has kept them apart over the last few weeks, they’ve spent plenty of time together since leaving the retreat on the show. A week after filming ended, he flew out to Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada to meet her friends and family, including her grandma. A few weeks after that, she flew to Australia to meet his family and friends. “We’ve seen each other as [often] as we could, and we FaceTime, I think, 90,000 times a day.”

And as for that drama where her boyfriend threw her to the wolves for that first $3,000 kiss, well, Francesca says it’s water under the bridge. “I’m a very forgiving person,” she admits. “I didn’t even really take it personally. … We had a strong connection, but it is really hard when you’re in a group of 10 other people. You do want to be liked by everyone, and that was his concern more than it was mine.”

When it comes down to it, though, she’s glad it happened. “It allowed me to, kind of, go for someone else, which in turn made me realize I did really like him as much as I thought I did. Even though it was not a good move on his part and it didn’t feel good at all, it ended up … making us stronger in the end.”

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