Smooth sailing. Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd reveals she has no qualms with baby daddy Cory Wharton’s pregnant girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, in an exclusive interview with In Touch. “We’re good,” the 27-year-old says, adding, “We communicate.”

“She’s really good with Ryder, Ryder loves her,” Chey says of the mom-to-be’s relationship with her own daughter. “We’ve never … we don’t have any problems, there’s no drama. We sit and talk s–t about Cory,” the beauty jokes.


While the ladies are on good terms now, there used to be a lot of tension between them. Cheyenne previously referred to Taylor, 25, as Cory’s “bed buddy,” which caused some friction. Although they have let go of their differences, Chey doesn’t “regret” her harsh words.

“At the time, the way that she was presented to me wasn’t as a serious relationship. So, me saying that is for Cory to understand that if he’s going to bring females around Ryder, it needs to be a serious relationship and that he can’t bring, you know, random girls around her,” the protective mama explains. “So I mean, I don’t regret saying [she’s his bed buddy], it kind of makes him have to grow up and figure out like if this is a relationship or if it’s not. Ryder’s not going to be around multiple people.”

Cory, 27, and Taylor met in 2018 while filming season 1 of Ex on the Beach. They became an item shortly after. The pair took a brief break, but have been going strong for the past two years. The couple announced they were expecting their first child together in October 2019.

While Taylor is expecting, Cheyenne has been happy to lend a helping hand. “We just try to be supportive towards her being pregnant and, of course, because she doesn’t have family in L.A. So, to make sure that she’s always included in the things that we do.” She adds, “I helped her with her gender reveal party that will be in [this] season. So, it’s been copacetic, I guess.”

Spending time together is not out of the ordinary for the coparents. “We do things as a family all the time,” Chey previously told In Touch on March 30. “Taylor comes over for family events, and [Ryder] understands that Taylor and Daddy are together and that, you know, Mommy and Ryder have a house and Daddy and Ryder have a house. … She definitely gets what’s going on.”

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