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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects many people across the world. Insomnia makes it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep. It can be of two types, primary insomnia, and secondary insomnia. No other health condition will be associated with primary insomnia, while on the other hand, secondary insomnia will be caused by some other health issues. Some of the studies suggest that poor sleep can be caused by anxiety, depression, some medications, stress, chronic pain, and caffeine.


As per the results of some of the studies, many people experienced an improvement in the quality of their sleep after CBD treatment. These studies suggest that CBD may be related to insomnia relief. Let us see more details about it.

Can CBD Help You Sleep? 

Many studies show that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of our body impacts how we interpret fear, pain, and stress. As CBD can affect the ECS, we can assume that it can help you have quality sleep. CBD can help alleviate the root causes of sleep disorders like pain, stress, and more to let you sleep peacefully.

Managing Pain 

Pain can be a problem that is not allowing you to sleep. CBD is not like many medications that are used to induce drowsiness. It can treat the root cause of the problem, that is, pain. CBD can bind with the receptors of the ECS thereby reducing the sensation of pain. Moreover, studies show that the ECS interacts with the pain control systems of our body. As CBD can directly interact with these receptors, it can help actively control pain and let you have a night of quality sleep.

Somnolence Relief

Somnolence is a state of having a strong desire to sleep. It can also include sleeping for unusually long times. Using CBD for sleep might help you relieve this feeling without affecting your ability to sleep. There is a common misconception that CBD can make you drowsy and fatigued. But this is far from the truth. Having CBD in the daytime can make you stay alert, and will let you have a restful sleep at night.

Mental Health 

CBD can bind with the key receptors of the ECS to ensure homeostasis. Mental health problems can lead to sleep issues. Using CBD can help relieve anxiety from PTSD. This can help reduce anxiety-induced sleep disorders. Moreover, CBD can help regulate the levels of the cortisol hormone, to control stress and anxiety. By controlling the levels of the stress hormone, CBD can help you sleep better.


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