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Over the last five years, cbdMD has established itself as one of the top brands in the booming CBD space. You know, that ingredient you’ve seen at your local coffee shop for $5 a shot. 

But CBD products have been popping up in more places and more products. Like your near-by supplement shop, holistic wellness stores, daily wellness tinctures, topical beauty products, pet-friendly formulations… This stuff is literally everywhere

And cbdMD has been there since the beginning. They set the standard for the entire industry with their patent-pending “Superior Broad Spectrum” THC-free* formula: crafted with all the benefits of CBD combined with other hemp-based compounds – and no THC. 

Now cbdMD is changing the game yet again. This time it’s with a complete collection of newly formulated products, including a few that combine CBD+THC for a more complete routine that’s rich in hemp-based benefits. And as always, these products are made with simple, honest ingredients that have all been triple tested for your peace of mind. 

Check out five of our favorite cbdMD products:


1. Full Spectrum CBD 

Full spectrum CBD+THC is exactly what it sounds like: a full spectrum of hemp-based plant benefits. That’s CBD, CBG, CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, everything found in hemp… And oh yeah, just a touch of THC. Not enough to get you high, but just enough to get you feeling right. 

Many people find that it makes their favorite CBD product even better with greater relaxation and better sleep. And there’s three great choices to pick from:


2. Calm and Focus Capsules

Among the THC-free options, the new Calm and Focus Capsules bundle enhances CBD with super special proprietary versions of traditional herbal extracts. But why proprietary? Because that way you know it’s legit. Every batch has been consistently formulated and clinically tested to bring you the benefits it claims.

Each Calming Concentration bundle includes:

  • Calm Capsules with 1000 mg of CBD along with Sensoril (an extract of ashwagandha), SaffSerene (from saffron), lemon balm, chamomile, green tea, and rhodiola.
  • Focus Capsules with 1000 mg of CBD along with Magtein to support your memory, enXtra for energy, and Huperzine (Chinese club moss) to support brain health. 

Use a Calm capsule whenever you need to chill out, and a Focus capsule when you’ve got a long workday or study session ahead. They make the perfect pair!

Bonus calming tip: If you like the benefits of ashwagandha, also be sure to check out the Calming gummies with 300 mg of the magic herb per serving!


3. Delta 9 THC Gummies and Capsules

If you like the full spectrum products, you might want to up your THC game with Delta 9 THC. Available in gummies and microdose capsules, these use the same kind of hemp-derived THC found in the full spectrum products, but pack a more powerful punch. 

The Delta 9 THC Gummies are made with a high-potency full spectrum extract with 10 mg of THC, 50 mg of CBD, and 15 mg of other hemp compounds in each gummy.

If that sounds like a lot of chill, try the Delta 9 THC Microdose Capsules. These tiny wellness caps are made with just 1 mg of THC and 9 mg of other hemp compounds (mostly CBD) in each capsule. The idea with these is that you take one or two every four to six hours throughout the day – so your body feels its best all day long.


4. Sleep-Aid Gummies

If you don’t want THC but find yourself still searching for better sleep, cbdMD’s Sleep-Aid Gummies are perfect. These are enhanced with melatonin to support healthy sleep cycles, along with soothing herbs like ashwagandha, valerian, and chamomile. Each two-gummy serving contains 25 mg of THC-free broad spectrum CBD extract in a delicious natural raspberry flavor.


5. Immune Boost Gummies

cbdMD’s Immune Boost Gummies are like a CBD gummy combined with a powerful multivitamin formulated with one goal in mind: to support your immune system. Each two-gummy serving has 25 mg of THC-free CBD extract along with hefty doses of vitamins C, D, and E, plus zinc and selenium for added immunity benefits. Whew, that’s a whole lot of benefits packed into one deliciously orange gummy. 

So no matter what your body needs, cbdMD has a complete family of products to help you feel your best. Forget what you’ve been told in the past, change is here and change is good. And that change is cbdMD. 


*THC-free is defined as below the level of detection using validated scientific methods.

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