It’s no secret: Hollywood has an obsession with health and fitness – and celebrities are the ultimate fitspo! Even with their notoriously hectic work schedules, they still manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle and look red-carpet ready all year round. Talk about #bodygoals.

Brittany Watts, NYC Based Athlete and Trainer

How do they do it, you ask? While there’s no substitution for hard work and dedication in the gym, certain pre-, during, and post-workout nutrition products help them along the way. And thanks to Performix,  you can get into million-dollar shape too! Their latest line of products has everything you need to fuel your body before, during, and after your workout, providing you with delicious and effective products to help you reach your own fitness goals.



I. Pre-Workout Energy


Need a boost to get you motivated & into the gym? Performix ION Pre-Workout features a combination of energy-, focus-, and endurance boosting ingredients, headlined by 200mg of caffeine — a little more than two cups of coffee — in a delicious Blue Ice flavor. No matter the exercise, this sweet jolt of energy provides the kick you need to get up, get out, and get the most out of your sweat session.


II. During Workout Hydration


Whether you’re running, lifting, spinning, or hitting the mat, you need to keep your muscle hydrated to maximize your time at the gym. Performix ISO EAA+BCAA is a mouth-wateringly refreshing way to do just that! Available in yummy Juicy Watermelon, this during workout solution provides a blend of electrolytes to help keep you & your muscles adequately hydrated, while a mix of amino acids also helps to kickstart your muscle recovery process to you can stay on-track with your regiment.


III. Post-Workout Recovery

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Keeping up with a workout regimen means taking care of your body after a gym session with the right nutrition. But who wants to gulp down a chalky protein shake that will make you feel bloated? Not us! Enter Performix ioWHEY PROTEIN — not only does this post-workout treat come in delicious flavors such as Fruity CerealChocolate Brownie, but it has also been shown to provide 46% improvement in stomach discomfort post-consumption vs. other proteins^. And that’s not all — one serving of ioWHEY (22g) has been shown to deliver the same benefits as a larger serving of standard protein (30g). *The same strength-boosting, muscle recovery benefits in a better-tasting shake with less calories, fat, sugar, and carbs than the alternative? Sign us up!



This effective yet affordable assortment of products is available at select Walmart and Rite Aid stores now. Grab yours today and start chasing New Year’s #bodygoals.
*As demonstrated in a study conducted by Lowery et al at the Applied Science and Performance Institute in a blinded cross-over human clinical evaluating blood levels of branched chained amino acids in subjects after consuming standard WPI vs. io™ treated WPI
^As demonstrated in an 8-week, blinded human clinical trial evaluating psychometric measures of impact on stomach distress in subjects after consuming 28 grams of standard WPI vs. 28 grams of ioProtein® WPI. Subjects ingesting ioProtein® reported a 46% reduction in stomach discomfort.

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