The Hills' alums Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are now broke and living with Spencer's parents, but don't expect Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to end up in his fellow MTV reality stars' — um — situation. "I know that there's a beginning and an end to everything. I'm very conscious of that, so I save my money," Mike, 30, tells In Touch.

Unlike Speidi, you won't find The Sitch blowing thousands on crystals. "Any of those crazy gifts that I have that people hear about — the Ferraris and Lambos and all that I have — those things were either gifted or came from an endorsement," he reveals. "I haven't wasted my money."

He's more interested in making money: In 2010, Mike raked in an estimated $5 million thanks to his Jersey Shore salary, appearance fees, endorsement deals with Vitaminwater and Reebok, his own fitness video, a "GTL' app, a rap song and a book deal — and he sees 2011 as potentially being an even better year for The Corporation. "I'm looking towards the long-term and the future; I do own percentages of most of the companies I'm a part of," he says. "My vodka line, Devotion Vodka, the first protein-infused vodka, is doing awesome. I have a tuxedo line with FLOW Formal, and there should be a Situation ringtone coming out soon."

But he hasn't forgotten where it all started. "My true ambitions lie in TV and film," he says. "I obviously have my own [MTV reality] show in development and I have a web series with Audrina Patridge. It's dramatic, it's an acting thing, I play a role and she plays a role — that starts shooting in September. And you may see me in a cameo somewhere. I'm just trying to make the right decisions right now."

As for whose career path he'd like to follow? "Obviously, I look up to [Robert] De Niro and [Al] Pacino, and for someone who's closer in age Leo [DiCaprio] — I'd eventually like to make great movies someday," he says. "But I'm trying to go in a trajectory similar to 'The Rock,' [Dwayne Johnson], who took his bold personality and phrases from the WWE into film."

Meanwhile, Mike, who had his own brush with tough times when he lost his job, house and car and moved back in with his parents when the housing market bubble burst back in 2007, is grateful for his current situation. "I'm blessed," he says. "When I see my fans, I shake every hand, I kiss every cheek. I come from humble beginnings, so I'm very thankful for where I am right now."

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