The temperature is hot in South Florida, and so were the tempers this season on The Real Housewives of Miami. “It’s explosive,” Lisa Hochstein, 41, says of the latest installment. “There’s a lot of conflict, a lot of friendship changes and unexpected feuds, and a lot of people finding their voice.” Here, Lisa joins costars Larsa Pippen, 49, Guerdy Abraira, 45, Dr. Nicole Martin, 38, Alexia Nepola, 56, and Julia Lemigova, 51, to talk to In Touch‘s Fortune Benatar about feuds, health battles and wedding plans.

It’s been a wild season, culminating in your trip to Mexico.
Alexia: There are so many OMG moments during our cast trip!
Larsa: It’s fun to watch. There were many highs and a couple of lows.

Who are you still close with?
Lisa: Larsa.
Larsa: My normal crew: Lisa, Alexia [and friends] Marysol [Patton] and Kiki [Barth]. Julia and Nicole.
Guerdy: Nicole.
Nicole: Julia, Guerdy and I joined the cast at the same time, so we share a bond and remain very close. They’re both incredibly strong and resilient.
Alexia: Marysol. Even though you see us bickering at times, no one can take her best friend spot.

And who are you still clashing with?
Lisa: Almost everyone!
Larsa: I’m not [on] great [terms] with Guerdy — not because I don’t want to be. I feel like she doesn’t want to be.
Nicole: Despite being optimistic early on in the season about a potential friendship with Alexia and Marysol, it didn’t stay that way for long.
Julia: My relationship with Marysol remains complex. I’m not afraid to tell her how I really feel about her.

Larsa Pippen and Lisa Hochstein
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Lisa, how does your relationship with Jody Glidden compare to your marriage?
Lisa: It’s night and day. I have somebody who wants to grow with me, respects me and sees me as a partner.

Larsa, why do you think your relationship with Marcus Jordan works?
Larsa: We started off as friends, and our friendship evolved.

You’re already talking marriage — what kind of bash do you want?
Larsa: A private, fun, crazy wedding.

Nicole, update us on your wedding plans with Anthony Lopez.
Nicole: Nothing has been locked in. It took us years to get engaged; it might take us years to get down the aisle!

Julia, how has your marriage to Martina [Navratilova] been affected by her throat cancer diagnosis?
Julia: Martina getting sick forced me to become stronger. I found myself in the caretaker role doing whatever I could to bring her joy. Her positivity and resilience throughout this battle were a daily reminder that I fell in love with a warrior and a champion.

Guerdy, how are you feeling in light of your breast cancer battle?
Guerdy: I’m lucky I was able to beat it. I’m getting back to myself physically little by little. I feel good and feel very grateful for being a survivor. The road seems dark and lonely when you are in the fight, but you have to find that light at the end of the tunnel.

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