The Little Couple star Will Klein was only a child when he was adopted by Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein. Fans got to witness the heartwarming moment that Will became a part of the Klein household in season 5 of the TLC series. Want to learn more about his upbringing? Scroll down for more info on his backstory!  

How Old Is Will Klein?

You may not believe it, but he is now 11 years old. Will was born in China on February 24, 2010, which means he is a Pisces on the zodiac chart. 

When he was 3 years old, Will moved all of the way to Houston, Texas, on March 5, 2013, and he now resides with the family, including his younger sister, Zoey, in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

“It wasn’t that we intended to, or tried to, adopt two children at one time,” Jen told The Wrap about welcoming Zoey, who was born in Delhi, India, into the family on October 15, 2013. “It’s just how the stars aligned, really.”  

Both of the kids have dwarfism, just like their proud parents, who said that was part of their decision when adopting. 

'The Little Couple': Jen Arnold, Bill Klein's Cutest Family Photos
Courtesy Jen Arnold/Instagram

What Are Will Klein’s Favorite Hobbies?

Will has started enjoying going fishing with Bill, having ventured out for a boating trip with relatives in April. Apparently, Will is already skilled as he got the biggest catch!

The 11-year-old also enjoys spending time with his loved ones, whether that means going to the zoo, playing video games or hitting the beach. In an Instagram caption in May, Jen gushed over the “fun, loving and caring tweenager he is becoming” while sharing a snap of him splashing around in the ocean.

Where Is Will Klein From?

He was adopted from Hohhot, China, and now fans can’t imagine the Klein family without him

“When Jennifer and I first got together, my selfish attitude was I wanted a kid that was genetically mine,” Bill previously told People after they struggled with fertility issues. “And then we talked about how many kids were out there that didn’t have a home, that needed love and support from a family and were relegated to a life of institutionalization. I think that I couldn’t have done any better a job through surrogacy, through the old-fashioned way or anything else.” 

“When I saw Will’s picture, I fell in love immediately,” the dad of two sweetly added at the time. “When I saw Zoey’s picture, I fell in love immediately.” 

Will Klein From 'The Little Couple'
Courtesy Jen Arnold/Instagram

Is The Little Couple Returning Soon? 

TLC has yet to give season 15 the green light, although fans are hoping to see the family return to the small screen after season 14 came to a wrap in 2019.

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