What’s one of the top reasons’ adults seek medical care? Chronic pain.

Chronic pain is also linked to anxiety, depression, opioid dependence, and mobility restrictions. Thankfully, CBD products are proving to be a helpful natural alternative to pain pills. However, just when you thought you were beginning to understand what CBD was all about, a new player has entered the main field, CBN.

Both cannabinoids have healing properties, and both are legal, yet they’re different in so many ways. What’s the main difference between CBD and CBN? Read on to find out!

What Is CBD?

Let’s start by answering the question, what is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s one of the many natural chemical compounds found in cannabis plants.

Unlike compounds like THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. What does that mean for you? Since there aren’t any psychoactive properties, you don’t have to worry about getting high or inebriated when you use CBD, but you can reap the other potentially therapeutic benefits.

How CBD Interacts With Your Body

Moving on, let’s take a quick peek at the different ways CBD interacts with your body. You have an endocannabinoid system that helps regulate a lot of your bodily functions. Things like your appetite, mood, and immune responses, all depend on your endocannabinoid system.

Within your endocannabinoid system, there are receptors. CBD has a special way of communicating with these receptors to help restore balance within your body. For instance, let’s say you were having a lot of pain that was caused by inflammation. CBD can influence your endocannabinoid receptors to stop attacking healthy tissue, therefore reducing inflammation.

As the immune system response calms down, the inflammation can subside, and healing can begin. There’s a lot of other ways that CBD can help you by interacting with your body. However, before we get deeper into all of the benefits of CBD, let’s get down to let’s take a look at what CBN is all about.

What Is CBN?

What does CBN stand for? CBN, another chemical compound found in cannabis plants, stands for cannabinol. Not to be mistaken with cannabidiol, which is what CBD stands for.

CBN isn’t something that you would take to get high or have a recreational experience. Instead, CBN has a more sedative effect, making it a great sleep aid. A big difference between CBD and CBN is that CBN is degraded THC. As a result, CBN can be slightly psychoactive and has the potential to alter your mood.

However, as long as you get your CBN from a reputable supplier like 3Chi you won’t have anything to worry about. Reputable suppliers have all of their CBN and CBD products tested for purity, potency and quality.

Lab-Tested Products

Before you buy any type of CBD or CBN product online, review the website thoroughly to check for lab test results. By batch testing products, companies can tell exactly how much CBD the product contains, and how much THC is present. Similarly, most reputable companies also get their products tested through independent labs, really ensuring the transparency and quality of their products.

As long as the THC is only present in trace amounts, getting high isn’t something you should have to worry about. Lab tests also help reveal whether or not the products have pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins. If you don’t see any lab test results, the company probably isn’t having their products tested.

What’s the Main Difference Between CBD and CBN?

We already mentioned that CBN has the potential to cause psychoactive side effects since it’s derived from THC. However, what other things hold these two cannabinoids apart?

One big difference is the way CBN interacts with your endocannabinoid system. CBD influences your receptors, but it doesn’t bind to them. However, CBN does bind to the receptors.

By gently binding to your CB1 receptors, CBN could help treat a variety of health conditions. When you take CBD and CBN products together, you have the added benefit of enjoying the entourage effect.

The entourage effect refers to using all of the plants, to get the most healing benefits. Of course, to get the true entourage effect you would also want your products to contain THC. However, if you’re looking for medicinal products that won’t get you high, CBN and CBD can great a great entourage effect all on their own.

A Deeper Look at the Benefits of CBD and CBN

It’s also possible, that CBD can help kill tumors while also stunting their growth. The study that revealed this information focused on pancreatic cancer and dealt with both in vitro and in vivo studies. Can you imagine, living in a world where cannabis has completely wiped-out cancer?

Regulating Immune System Responses

Since CBD and CBN are so great at regulating immune system responses, there are so helpful for conditions like arthritis or Crohn’s disease. It’s also possible that both CBD and CBN can help somebody who’s dealing with glaucoma.

The chemical compounds can help reduce the intraocular eye pressure that glaucoma causes. Since CBN is derived from THC it also has anticonvulsant properties. People who are suffering from things like epilepsy or other seizure disorders can regain their independence with the help of CBN treatments.

CBD Can Do More Than CBN

Both CBD and CBN are great at regulating immune system responses. However, CBD has a few more tricks up its sleeve than CBN. while CBN is wonderful as a sedative, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive, and sleep aid, it doesn’t have all of the mood-enhancing benefits CBD has.

CBD can combat stress, soothing anxiety, and even relieve depression. Similar to CBN, CBD is also an anti-insomnia treatment, anti-inflammatory, and anti-convulsive treatment.

Since CBD is better at influencing your state of mind, it’s the top choice for treating things like anxiety disorders, OCD, or PTSD. Whereas CBN will be a more effective treatment for chronic pain or seizure disorders.

Next, CBD is also great at helping with a variety of skin conditions. For instance, skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, or eczema can all benefit from CBD and CBN.

How’s CBD and CBN Help Psoriasis

Psoriasis affects millions of people worldwide. In the United States alone, over 8 million people have psoriasis. The skin condition involves an overreaction from the immune system, which causes an uncomfortable rash that can appear suddenly.

All sorts of things can trigger a psoriasis attack. Once it’s in full swing, someone with psoriasis can wind up covered head to toes with red painful spots.

Thankfully, CBD and CBN can help influence the immune system response, letting it know to stop the attack. Recommended products for psoriasis suffers include topicals that contain CBD and CBN, as well as products that can be taken orally.

We suggest looking for CBD and CBN topicals that also use calming essential oils, like lavender. In addition to treating your skin, you’ll also be calming your mind.

Doctor Recommendations and Input

Before taking CBD or CBD, it’s always wise to check with your doctor first. Especially if you’re planning on using a topical product to treat some type of skin condition. One reason to check is to make sure that CBD and CBN won’t interact with any medications you’re already taking.

Side Effects of CBD and CBN

Now let’s take a moment to look at the different side effects of taking CBD versus taking CBN. You’ll be happy to know, that you don’t have to worry about fatally overdosing on either product. While it’s possible (though unlikely) to take too much CBD or too much CBN, there isn’t any evidence that an overdose would be deadly.

Instead, if you ever overdosed on CBD or CBN, you’d probably just feel kind of icky. You might have slight nausea, and need to lie down as the side effects subside. However, what about when you take the right amount? What are the normal side effects you can expect just CBD or CBN?

The truth is, there are very few if any negative side effects for both products. Some, report that CBD causes them to have a bit of a dry mouth. However, a lot of people use CBD products and don’t experience any type of dry mouth.

Since CBN produces sedative effects, it can make you sleepy. However, if you’re taking CBN as a sleep aid, feeling sleepy would be a good thing, right?

Some people also report that taking CBD or CBN causes a slight change in their appetite. Although, if you’re taking the right dose, you shouldn’t notice a change in your appetite when using either product.

Getting the Right Dose

If you’ve never taken CBD, or CBN before, you’ll want to learn how to get the perfect dose. You can start by reading the label of the product packaging. Find out, what the recommended dosage is on the label, and consider if you should follow it, or take less.

If your brand new to cannabis compounds, taking less is always a smart way to start. You can always increase your dose gradually over time, as you find the perfect amount to reach your desired effects.

Potency Matters

Another thing to consider is the potency of the product that you’re taking. If you’re simply using CBD to help alleviate a little bit of stress, you won’t need the most potent product. Whereas, if you need an intense pain reliever, you’d want to look for CBD and CBN products with higher potencies.

CBD and CBN Dosage Journal Tips

One way to take CBD and CBN like a pro is to begin a dosage journal. Whenever you take a dose of either compound, write down the amount you took and the time you took it.

Jot down a few notes about how you felt when you took the product. What kind of pain were you experiencing? Were you feeling sleepy, alert, or stressed?

The more specific you can be in your notes, the more helpful your dosage journal will be. About an hour after taking the CBD or CBN product, go back to your dosage journal and write down the time, and how you’re feeling.

After a week or two of faithfully keeping your dosage journal, you’ll begin to realize patterns. You can notice what products helped with what issues, and how much you needed to take.

If you’re having trouble reaching your desired results, gradually increase the dose over days. As CBD builds up in your body it’ll become more effective, so be patient.

Not Getting the Right Results?

If after a week or two you’re still not getting the results you need, you might be taking the wrong product. Consider increasing the potency, or looking for a different supplier. Quality CBD and CBN products should have a lot of online customer reviews and should be backed by lab test results.

By reading relevant, recent reviews, you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that works. If you bought from a reputable source, with great reviews, and it’s still not working, it’s probably time to increase your dosage.

Switching Products and Timing

Switching products can also be helpful, depending on what you’re trying to treat. For instance, if you’re dealing with localized pain, a topical can be more effective than an oral product. When you take CBD orally, it spreads out throughout your entire body.

Whereas when you use a CBD topical you can apply it directly to the area, you’re experiencing discomfort. Are you taking CBD or CBN to help you sleep through the night?

Make sure your timing things right. If you’re taking an edible, take it at least an hour before you want to fall asleep. Whereas if you’re taking a sublingual application (under your tongue), you can take it 15 minutes before bedtime.

Understanding CBD vs CBN

Now you know the biggest difference between CBD and CBN. While both cannabis-derived compounds have healing properties, CBD has a lot more to offer. However, working together, CBD and CBN can help produce an extra healing entourage effect.

If you’re interested in using CBD, CBN, or both, reach out to your doctor today. Once you know it’s safe for you to start taking a new product, start looking for online suppliers that have had their products lab tested. For more tips like these, check out the rest of this site.


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