From one reality show to another! Terra Jolé may be known for Lifetime’s Little Women: LA — and her stint on Dancing With the Stars! — but now she’s gearing up for another show, this time, on home renovation.

The 37-year-old and her husband, Joe Gnoffo have been saving up for years to purchase their first home, but their fixer-upper requires a ton of work. So, home renovation experts Cory McCrummen and Stephanie Ballard are stepping in to help the couple transform their house into their dream home.

On tonight’s premiere, however, they encounter a major issue: They have a carbon dioxide leak. Watch the video below to see the exclusive sneak peek!

Back in October, Terra gave In Touch readers a hint at what her new show would be like. “I’m still out doing the book tour, so this is a big, stressful time because, on top of the book tour, I’m actually, before Season 7, you’ll see a new show with my husband and me on Lifetime that I can’t give any details about, but it’s kind of like Terra’s Little Family, but it has a twist, for sure,” she revealed. “It’s like when it rains it pours. There are the book details, there are show details, and then Season 7 is about to start filming.”

How exciting! Now fans of the celeb will be able to watch her on Little Women: LA, read her book, and watch her new show. We can barely keep up!

Terra’s Big House premieres tonight on Lifetime.

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