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Terra Jolé Explains Why She Takes Offense With Co-Star’s Use of the Word “M-dget”

This week’s new episode of Little Women: LA was a tough one.

Terra Jolé is running around getting everyone to sign releases for her to write her book — which she wants to name “How Not to Be a M-dget” — when she runs into problems with her co-star, Christy McGinity Gibel.

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Naturally, Terra attempts to resolve this problem by bringing up a trashy music video spoof — in which Christy calls herself a m-dget — something Terra takes offense with.

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And now, in a new blog about last night’s episode, the mother-of-two breaks down what it is about the slur that she finds so derogatory.

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“I was appalled that someone who preaches about how hurtful and disgusting the M-word is could do a video like this. Was it the smartest thing to bring up before she signed my book release? No way! It was a dumb reaction to being flabbergasted by the crude video,” Terra writes.

“Words have the ability to stab you and this word, amongst others, did just that growing up. It makes you feel alienated and there are few words like that in our society referring to a disability that people use regularly. Heck, I’m diagnosed with dwarfism, but instead of being called ‘dwarf,’ I’d preder TERRA!”

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She continues, “Bottom line… M-DGET is offensive to me as well as most of the little people community. When you’re drinking, people say ‘drink responsibly.’ Well I’d like to personally say ‘talk responsibly.’”

You tell ‘em Terra! Way to stick to your guns!

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