Ever since Briana DeJesus opened up about her second baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, as she joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, whether or not he’d be involved in her daughter’s life was always up in the air. “We’ve been just trying to figure it out for the sake of this baby,” she told producers in her special episode, The New Mom, back in 2017. “Yeah, we want to move in together, we — hopefully, I would like to get married, all this grown up stuff. Cause I’m an adult, not 16 and pregnant.”

While filming an after show, though, Briana, 24, told a fan, “[It’s] up in the air, to be honest. We’re still going through it. You will see him on the show. It won’t be a mystery forever. You will definitely see him.” Since then, it’s continued to be a rocky road — but now it seems things have fallen apart completely. On Monday, January 21, Briana put her ex, 33, on blast on Twitter, calling him the “complete opposite” of the kind of father she wanted for her daughter. Check out the gallery to see what she had to say.