Doctor’s orders? Kailyn Lowry has some experience with being pregnant and giving birth, but her doctor wants her to do something different with baby No. 4. On Tuesday, March 31, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed in her 23.5-week pregnancy update that she’s considering being induced when it comes time to welcome her fourth son.

“New doctor is pushing for induction,” Kail, 28, told fans on Twitter. “I’ve never been induced [and] had smooth labor [and] deliveries. Experiences??” In additional tweets, she continued, “One [doctor] likes to ensure she delivers her one patient’s babies. [A] new one claimed my placenta ‘could stop working’ and ‘doesn’t even want me to [go one to two] days past my due date.’ … I just don’t feel like there’s any reason for me to schedule an induction at 39 weeks for me.”

On Instagram, she shared even more information. “I have never been induced, but I’m afraid I won’t make it to the hospital [if I go into labor naturally],” she explained. “I live 45 [minutes] away, [and] Lux came in 90 [minutes] start to finish.”

Another complicating factor is the news that she has “an anterior placenta,” when the placenta attaches to the front wall of the uterus. Though that’s a normal placement, it’s one the soon-to-be mom of three hasn’t experienced in any of her past pregnancies, and it does make a difference. It can make it harder to feel when your baby is moving, and it can also complicate doing diagnostic tests like an amniocentesis, which can screen for developmental abnormalities.

Though an anterior placenta shouldn’t cause Kail’s placenta to “stop working,” it could complicate her labor. It means that baby No. 4 is more likely to be in a back-to-back position — with his back against Kail’s back — when it comes time to go into labor. That increases the chances of a longer, more painful labor or the need for a cesarean section.

For now, though, it sounds like the MTV mama isn’t ready to commit to one plan or another. As fans on Twitter weighed in and encouraged her to get a second opinion, she revealed that’s just what she was doing by reaching out to her followers. “I’ve had 2 opinions as stated above,” she told them. “I need a third.”

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