There’s no question Leah Messer has changed a lot in the nearly eight years since we first met her on 16 and Pregnant. Part of that has to do with her growing up from a high schooler to a grown, 25-year-old woman. But some fans are now questioning whether one of the changes was more recent.

More specifically, Teen Mom 2 viewers have been speculating that Leah went through a bit of a mouth transformation of late. In the summer of 2017, she showed up on the red carpets of the CMT Awards and the MTV VMAs, flaunting a smile that was much whiter and straighter than we remember. In fact, even her lips had a bit of more plumped look than in years past.

leah messer teeth — getty images

Leah in 2015 vs. 2017

But it wasn’t until the Nov. 13-airing Teen Mom 2 finale special that fans really took notice of her apparent makeover. The single mom’s new look was mostly a hit, with many tweeting about how “stunning” she was at the reunion, and that she “looks the best she ever has.” However, there were others that wondered if the change was to more than just her teeth, asking aloud if she got “work done.”

Spurred by the plastic surgery speculation, Leah finally responded to fans on Twitter. She first denied that she’d gone under the knife, writing, “The fact that you guys seriously think I’ve had some kind of plastic surgery… #wtf #notatall The skincare line I use is pretty phenomenal tho.” No arguments there — she is glowing!

leah messer teeth — mtv
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She then confirmed our suspicions of some dental work — though not the veneers we expected. She tweeted, “I didn’t get veneers but I have temp filling on my top two eye teeth.” Chelsea Houska’s dentist father Randy then chimed in, explaining that that’s called “aesthetic bonding,” and Leah thanked him for the clarification. So there you have it!

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