Mama knows best! Jenelle Evans’ mom, Barbara Evans, had a complicated relationship with David Eason in the past, but now the Teen Mom 2 star says Barb “finally accepts” her husband. While speaking exclusively with In Touch, Jenelle spills the tea on how her family is getting along after her romantic reunion with Ensley’s dad.

“They currently have no issues with each other,” the 28-year-old says about her mom and man. “It makes me very happy.” The mom of three and Barb, 67, are also on good terms. “[We] get along great at the moment. I feel like we get along better than ever because we aren’t worried about what’s ‘right or wrong’ when it comes to living our lives and what’s going to be aired about us on TV.”

The brunette beauty further explains that filming often came between them — and the fact that they had “no control” over what made the final cut of the MTV show made things even messier. “My mom was always worried about pleasing the producers,” Jenelle says. “That would start arguments between us.”

Now that the cameras are no longer rolling, their relationship has changed. Barb also stood by her daughter during the months that Jenelle and David were separated. “I told her she can judge me all she wants to, but that I was going to live my life the way I wanted to. I also told her I do not care what MTV or the public has to say about it either. I will move on with my life with or without MTV. She just told me, ‘OK, I understand,’” the star says.

She even hinted that their relationship is going so smoothly that they may be able to come up with a new custody plan for Jace. Though he currently lives with Barb, Jenelle has talked for years about hoping to regain the opportunity to raise her son. “We have [all] been getting along very well,” she tells In Touch. “Since Jace has been out of school, he has been mainly at my house. I think with her getting older, she is realizing she likes the time to herself.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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