Now, they've got problems! Perez Hilton is not happy with Taylor Swift's team after his personal Twitter account was shut down. The celebrity gossip blogger posted a photo of Taylor's alleged Reputation tracklist. Shortly after, he received a “take down notice” from her team and then later was suspended from Twitter. Clearly not happy about this, Perez uploaded a six-minute video to YouTube telling his side of the story.

"Taylor Swift is responsible for me being suspended. Earlier today I was talking about many journalists who have felt bullied by the Taylor Swift machine," he explains referencing the recent ACLU controversy. "I had never felt that before, but I now am a victim of Taylor’s wrath. I didn’t know if it was real or not. If it was real, who cares? It was a photo of a guy’s hand holding the back of the copy of the album. I posted it and then I got a takedown notice from Taylor’s label, then my Twitter account got suspended." Yikes!

Perez maintains that what he did was "totally legal" and says that if she tries to sue him he's "gonna hit up the ACLU." This is all somewhat of a moot point since Taylor took it upon herself to release her album's official tracklist yesterday. Whether this was in response to the leak or all a part of the original roll-out is still unknown, but her fans are looking forward to the release date either way.

"OFFICIAL TRACKLIST FROM TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW ALBUM REPUTATION!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ALL HER SONGS!!! ARE YOU READY FOR IT???" one excited fan tweeted. Another added, "good morning we are one day closer to reputation and one day closer to THE NEW ED SHEERAN AND TAYLOR SWIFT SONG!!!"

Most of her fans are too busy focusing on the exciting tracklist — which includes a collab with Ed Sheeran and Future — than this Perez and Taylor drama. One fan even wrote, "Taylor Swift, Taylor nation and Swifties took down Perez Hilton's account ? You messed up with the wrong people dude! When will you ever learn?"

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