She’s laying low. It’s been three months since Olivia Jade Giannulli‘s mother, Lori Loughlin, was arrested for her connection to the college admissions scandal, and the YouTuber still has not updated her social media channels. But her fellow YouTube star and friend, Tana Mongeau, recently revealed how long the 19-year-old plans to take a social media hiatus.

During a Chili’s Mukbang with Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams and Morgan Adams video uploaded on June 20, Shane, 30, brought up Olivia Jade, and Tana, 20, said, “That’s my gal. Girls like that love me because they like, have this like, sheltered, like, rich life and they see me at a party and they’re like ‘Oh my god, like want a bump?’ And I’m like no, but like hey.”

“I feel bad for her,” Tana said, and Shane asked if she had reached out to Olivia. “Yeah, I sent her like, I was just like hey, I’m here if you need anything and she was like, ‘love you,’” Tana said, then turned to the camera. “Olivia, hey girl, I love you.”

“She openly tells people like, I’m not gonna post on social media for the next like, year,” Tana said. Ryland, 28, asked her if Lori’s lawyer was the one who told Olivia to stay off of social media, and Tana wasn’t sure.

“But it sucks because I feel like she didn’t even want to go to college. I think the mom just really wanted her daughter to like,” Tana said, and then Ryland interjected. “Well she wanted to tell her Bel-Air friends like, ‘Yes, they’re at USC.’”

“Whoa, I’m not trying to get into beef with Aunt Becky,” Shane said, referencing Lori’s character on Full House and Fuller House. “But I feel like she doesn’t give a f–k. Like, I feel like she would to jail and be like, ‘Yeah, alright, f–k it, why not?’ She gives me that vibe.

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