One player was named the winner of Survivor season 46 after the three-hour finale. The Thursday, May 22, episode began with five players left in the game vying for the $1 million prize.

Following the last tribal council vote, Maria Shrime Gonzalez was seemingly on the outs, having been the only person left that didn’t vote for eliminated contestant Quintavius “Q” Burdette. Instead, she attempted to blindside her closest ally, Charlie Davis, and had to do damage control. Unbeknownst to Maria, though, Charlie was originally planning on voting for her, too, but couldn’t because she won the last immunity challenge.

Maria immediately pulled Charlie aside and told him that the other players tricked her into voting for him. Charlie assured Maria that they were still going to ride the game out together, but he was aware that she was likely still targeting him like he was targeting her.

Who Won the Final 5 Immunity Challenge on ‘Survivor’ Season 46?

The immunity/reward challenge required the players to race through a series of obstacles and then solve a puzzle. When Kenzie Petty finished the first part of the puzzle first, Liz Wilcox jumped in to help her figure out part two, rather than completing her own puzzle. Maria was right on Kenzie’s heels, but Kenzie pulled off the win with Liz’s help. However, she made sure to throw praise Maria’s way at the end of the challenge.

Kenzie got to pick one person to take on the reward with her and she was torn between Liz, who helped her win, and Ben Katzman, who hadn’t gotten to go to the sanctuary yet. Liz urged Kenzie to pick Ben since she was allergic to the food on the reward anyway.

Going into the vote, everyone seemed to be on the same page that Maria was the biggest target and needed to go home next. However, Charlie was still leaving the door open with Maria to assure that she would work with him if she found an immunity idol.

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Maria knew she had a lot of work to do and she tried to persuade Kenzie, Liz and Charlie that Ben wasn’t trustworthy. Maria pointed out that Ben recently voted for Kenzie. Although he claimed it was an “accident,” the mom of three tried to convince the other players that it was a purposeful move.

Who Was Voted Out in 5th Place on ‘Survivor’ Season 46?

At tribal council, Ben and Kenzie made it clear that they were voting for Maria, who assured them she had no hard feelings and was proud of the game she played. In the end, Maria was simply too big of a threat. Everybody voted for her and she was eliminated in fifth place, but she went out with her head held high and had a sweet goodbye with the rest of the players.

With just four players left, no one else was going to get voted out. One person will win the next immunity challenge, and that player will get the option to bring one other contestant to the final three, leaving the other two to duke it out in a fire making challenge

Who Won the Final 4 Immunity Challenge on ‘Survivor’ Season 46?

The final immunity challenge required the players to solve a a puzzle while also paying attention to a ball being rolled down a massive maze. The catch was that they had to make sure that they reset the ball before it got to the bottom of the maze, all while still working on the puzzle.

Survivor Season 46 Finale Live Blog Who Will Win 1 Million Prize and Title of Sole Survivor

Ben won the immunity challenge, giving him his first individual win this season and a big decision to make. Even though Kenzie and Charlie were seemingly the two biggest threats left, Ben had closer relationships with them than Liz, so he told Liz he was planning on having her make fire. Liz was devastated to hear about Ben’s decision because an injury prevented her from being able to practice making fire.

Meanwhile, Kenzie was willing to make fire in hopes of adding something to her résumé, but Charlie felt he had already done enough to prove he was a worthy winner without needing to win the fire making challenge.

Who Went Home in 4th Place on Season 46 of ‘Survivor’?

Ben decided to take Charlie to the final three because they’ve been playing the game together on the same tribe all season long. Kenzie and Liz faced off in the fire making challenge. Both women struggled to get fire started, but Kenzie was eventually successful, while Liz couldn’t get a flame. Liz went home in fourth place, and Kenzie earned a spot in the final three alongside Ben and Charlie.

Who Won ‘Survivor’ Season 46?

Before the final votes were cast, the final three had to plead their case to the jury. The players were first tasked with naming the biggest move they made on their own during the game. The jury also asked the finalists to name a mistake they made in the game that they were eventually able to capitalize on.

Ben was also asked to explain his “accidental” vote for Kenzie, which he said was due to being “pizza drunk” after going on reward, as well as his night terrors taking a toll on him. While the jury sympathized with him, they also criticized him for not making any big moves during the game.

Charlie and Liz were also asked to reveal who they would’ve taken to the final three if they had been in Ben’s position and won the last immunity challenge. Kenzie agreed with Ben’s decision that Liz was a threat, so she would’ve put her in the fire making challenge, which the jury didn’t seem to agree with based on their reactions. However, Charlie said he would’ve taken Liz to the end.

Charlie also made sure to make it clear that he was playing a separate game from Maria, since the jury viewed them as a package deal, and pointed out that he always gave himself options throughout the game. Kenzie highlighted her social game and reiterated that she was on the losing tribe for so long at the beginning of the game but still made it to the end.

Sodasia “Soda” Thompson and Hunter McKnight voted for Charlie, while Kenzie’s original tribe members “Q” and Tiffany Nicole Ervin casted their votes for Kenzie. The jury discussed amongst themselves that the vote could go either way between Kenzie and Charlie.

In the end, it was a 5-3 vote with Kenzie being named the winner and Charlie coming in 2nd place!

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