This year’s Super Bowl 2018 is Feb. 4. Do you know who you’re rooting for? Or, here’s a better question, do you even know who’s playing? If you’re as clueless about the game as we are, this idiot-proof guide to the Super Bowl is seriously everything you need to know.

So who’s playing?

super bowl 2018 teams

The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will be facing off against each other this year. The Patriots wear blue uniforms and the Falcons wear green uniforms. This is the Eagles’ second Super Bowl and the Patriots’ 10th. Yep, the Eagles are the underdogs.

What time does the show start, what network, day, etc.?

super bowl 2018 date time

The game starts on Sunday (duh) on Feb. 4 on NBC. The kickoff begins at 6:30 p.m. EST. If you live in a different time zone, check your local listings for your correct time.

Where is the Super Bowl this year?

super bowl 2017 51 stadium

It’ll take place in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Who’s performing at the halftime show?

janet jackson justin timberlake getty

Justin Timberlake is returning to the Super Bowl this year, which has rubbed some fans the wrong way. As you might remember, the last time he was invited to the halftime show, he ripped off Janet Jackson’s costume, igniting the #Nipplegate scandal. Fans think Janet should be welcomed back, not Justin. However, maybe she’ll make a surprise appearance? We’re hoping she does!

Who’s singing the National Anthem?

pink willow getty

That would be pop star (and part-time acrobat) Pink. So, we’re so excited for this. Here’s hoping she sings it while flying above and twirling in the sky.

Who is the Patriots’ most important player?

tom brady super bowl 51

Tom Brady, otherwise known as Mr. Gisele Bündchen around these parts, is the quarterback for the Patriots and is, despite being responsible for #DeflateGate, one of the best players at the moment. Regardless if he wins or lose, he’s guaranteed to provide many meme-worthy moments.

Where can I watch commercials? (Because face it, that’s all we really care about.)

super bowl 2017 commercials

Thanks to the Internet, you can start watching 2018 Super Bowl commercials right now. Some big ones to look out for are ads from Budweiser, Victoria’s Secret, and Mountain Dew (who could forget Puppymonkey baby?).

What else do I need to know?

super bowl tv

If you’re planning to bet on the game, you should probably start now; this year’s Super Bowl will have the first wine commercial in decades, for those who like to drink classy; and if you want to buy a ticket, you’re too late (they’re like $3,500).

Enjoy the game!

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