Someone’s popular! Making A Murderer‘s Steven Avery has received more than 1,200 letters while behind bars, according to his lawyer, Kathleen Zellner. And that’s just since Oct. 25. He got 50 on Nov. 19 alone, proving people are definitely invested in getting in touch with the inmate. Now he’s showing his appreciation by penning a touching note of his own.

Kathleen wrote on Twitter on Nov. 20, “Just left Waupun CC. Steven says he has received 1200 letters (50 yesterday) since 10/25. He asked me to post this message to all of you. ⁦@lifeafterten⁩ ⁦@michellemalkin⁩ ⁦@Newsweek⁩ ⁦@guardian⁩ ⁦@digitalspy⁩ ⁦@Telegraph⁩ ⁦#MakingAMurderer.” The “message” was what appeared to be a hand-written note by Steven that said, “Happy Thanksgiving. I appreciate all of your support. Best Wishes, Steven Avery.” It also included a reminder to watch Making A Murderer season 2 at the bottom.

Steven is the focus of the Netflix hit true crime documentary. It follows Steven, a seemingly harmless man who is portrayed as a wrongfully convicted suspect for the 2005 rape and murder of a photographer, Teresa Halbach. He was also wrongfully convicted for a similar crime twenty years earlier, making people especially interested in his journey and in finding out the truth.

In spite of several appeals, Steven and his nephew Brendan Dassey are still behind bars. But Kathleen, who believes Steven is innocent, thinks he’ll be released and exonerated of his crimes eventually. However, not everyone wants to see that happen. In fact, Steven’s ex-fiancée, Lynn Hartman, exclusively told In Touch in October 2017 that she believes “the world is a lot safer now knowing that Steven won’t be getting out.”

But if the letters Steven has received while he’s been incarcerated are any indication, there are a whole lot of people who do think he should get out. Some people even go one step further, and send money to supporter funds, which has led to some problems among his family members. Maybe just stick with the letters for now, people.

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