Steven Assanti is arguably the most controversial — and quite frankly, hated — star to come out of My 600-lb Life. The 36-year-old, who used to eat six pizzas a day before joining the show, started his weight-loss journey at 734 pounds and would throw tantrums, secretly order take out, abuse painkillers, and go off on YouTube rants. Now, it appears as though he found someone to tolerate his erratic lifestyle… forever!

Last month, Stephanie Sanger changed her profile picture to one with Steven — and they were both rockin a pair of wedding rings. She wrote at the time, “It’s a nice day for a white wedding. Just married Stephanie Assanti and Steven Assanti — cross my heart and hope to die to my lover I’ll never lie. It’s just him and I.” How poetic.

is steven assanti married

The two have been confessing their love for one another since just after Valentine’s Day. Steven took to Facebook to gush about his girlfriend, “Good morning friends and to the best girlfriend in the world Stephanie Sanger I love you baby with my soul n heart,” he said on Feb. 28. “I want everyone to continue to know your the reason why I look forward to my future, our future and I hope it grows bigger, your the best baby real talk. Keepin ten toes down fellas…have a good day…1…”

In response to Steven’s post, that has since been deleted, Stephanie wrote, “I am truly blessed, so lucky to have found a soul that matches mine so completely❤️ We have so much to look forward to and I love you, you are my happiness ❤️ Thank you baby boy.” At the time, her account was set to private. However, her profile’s intro read that she worked as a message therapist, per Inquisitr.

While the two seem head-over-heels for one another, commenters questioned their relationship. “Is this like a catfish ordeal lol….have u even met her?” one person wrote. Another added, “She must be his drug dealer,” and a third chimed in, “Have u and Stephanie met yet?” to which he replied, “Next week.” Hmm…

In a reddit post from March, user Howler82 — whose account is now suspended — posted a photo of Steven and Stephanie to prove they really were dating. “Steven Assanti’s girlfriend…what’s goin on here?” he captioned the photo.

steven assanti girlfriend

Again, commenters were quick to question their relationship — suggesting that Stephanie was being paid. “She’s a hooker, that’s the only rational explanation,” one person wrote. “I don’t like this about myself, but I am unable to consider anything other than he hired her or she’s a cam girl looking for publicity,” added another.

Welp. One thing’s for sure — these two have locked it down for good! So say what you want about the couple, but it seems like it’s the real deal, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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