The good ole days! Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi used to get down at Karma with her best friend Ryder (real name: Caitlin Ryder) by her side. Sadly, it appears the ladies have lost touch but there are no signs of hard feelings. Scroll below to see what happened to the iconic duo.

Are Snooki and Ryder Still Friends?

 In 2018, the meatball revealed to In Touch she and Ryder are no longer the party pair the used to be. “We talk to each other from time to time on Facebook, but I always explain it like, you have your party friends and you’re great friends growing up, and then once you get pregnant and you kind of form this family, you just kind of drift apart and you don’t really have anything in common with them anymore. You know what I mean? So it was kind of just like that situation,” Snooks explained at the time.

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What Happened Between Snooki and Ryder?

Referencing an episode from the MTV reality star’s spinoff series, Snooki & JWoww, the mom of three revealed their friendship went downhill when their trip to Mexico was filmed for the small screen in August 2012. “When I went to Cancun while I was pregnant, she kind of wasn’t there for me — that was kind of like the first step to me realizing, ‘I don’t think she’s gonna be my friend now that I’m pregnant,'” Snooks revealed to In Touch. “There are no hard feelings — I just feel like every girl goes through that, you know, when you’re at different stages in your life and you’re moving on, but some people are still wanting to go out and party and they’re not ready to have a family, so it was just kind of like that situation. Like we were going in two different directions and we just didn’t have anything in common anymore.”

What Is Ryder Up to Today?

From the looks of Ryder’s Instagram page, these days she spends more time jet-setting than on the New Jersey boardwalk. She clearly loves to travel around the world, including places like Barcelona and Peru. Although she hasn’t posted in almost a year, she appears to still be loving the single life while also prioritizing family time. According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as a property manager at Heng Sang Realty Corp.

While they may not be as close as they once were, it sounds like everything worked out for the best!

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