Inset Photo of Kody Brown and Daughter Over Photo of Meri Brown
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There’s no room for negativity in Meri Brown’s life! The Sister Wives star shut down a commenter who reminded her of one of Kody Brown’s hurtful comments while she was on Facebook Live on Wednesday, July 8. While attempting to sell some of her old clothing, the TLC star showed fans a dress she wore during an old episode of the show. When she asked fans if they remembered which episode it was from, one took the opportunity to troll her.

“Was that the episode where Kody said he doesn’t know why he married you?” they asked. The hater was seemingly referencing an episode of the show that aired in April. When Kody, 51, and Meri, 49, went to see a therapist, he seemed to express regrets about their relationship. “I didn’t know who I was marrying,” he said at the time. “I got to a point where I was ready to wash my hands [of the relationship].”

The mom of one didn’t appreciate the reminder — but instead of responding directly, she kept her cool and had her assistant handle the issue. “Amber, please block her,” Meri said. “Like, what kind of comment is that? Rude comment.”

'Sister Wives' Fans Think Meri Brown Needs to 'Move On' From Husband Kody- 'My Heart Hurts for You' feature
Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

Lately, it seems Meri is tired of dealing with all the hate. She even attempted to get ahead of it on Instagram that same day. After frequent comments criticized the way she styles her eyebrows and does her makeup, she shared a special selfie just for her haters. “Just a Wednesday selfie [because] I know y’all are bored and need to be talking about my eyebrows again,” she playfully captioned the post.

The comment about her marriage to Kody may have hit closer to home, however. The couple’s relationship struggles were on full display during the most recent season of their family’s show, and things got complicated. Meri even seemingly admitted she’s given thought to simply “moving on” from her marriage, though she dismissed the idea.

“People ask me all the time why I don’t just leave,” she said during the same April episode of the series. While she and Kody acknowledge they have problems, they think their relationship is “fixable” — and Meri is also not interested in abandoning the whole family. “Walking away from Kody” would also mean “walking away from the whole family,” she explained.

It seems Meri is staying where she is for now — but that doesn’t mean she needs a reminder of any painful moments from her past.

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