Too far, people. Meri Brown from Sister Wives addressed fan comments that she was thinking of anyone in particular when she shared a photo of her new hobby — axe throwing — on May 31, and slammed those claims on Twitter on June 1. “Why do people assume I was thinking of someone while I was axe throwing?” the reality star tweeted. “Ugh, that’s just morbid, people! 🙁.”

In late May, Meri, 48, shared a shot of her from behind, throwing an axe at a target. “Just a little axe throwing, because hey, why not??” she captioned the photo on Instagram. “This may have to be a new little hobby, I quite enjoyed it … ” along with a bunch of hashtags like “#LifeIsAnAdventure,” “#AxeThrowing” and “#StrongWoman.” In the comments of the post and on Twitter, followers wrote things like, “Who were you thinking of though when throwing at the target? 😁” and “Who’s in the bull’s eye?😜.” In fact, the reality TV personality replied directly to that last comment and said, “No one. That’s kinda morbid,” echoing her tweet.

meri brown

Meri actually got a lot of responses after she tweeted about people making assumptions about her new hobby. “What? Who were you supposed to be thinking of??” one person replied. “I’d be praying it connected with the wood and not my foot!” LOL. Another fan responded, “I am amazed daily at the comments people make on social media. I don’t know why, after all these years I am still amazed … but I am. Axe throwing is a great stress reliever but stress comes from many places.”

However, not everyone believed Meri was telling the truth. One Twitter user replied and noted that a “post like that it comes off as a passive aggressive post when it takes place a few days after talks of [Kody] seeking another wife.” Hmm. Seems like people are reading a whole lot into the situation. Hey, as long as Meri had fun with her new, rather unique pastime, who cares what she was or wasn’t thinking about?

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