As we keep watching, for some inexplicable reason, Counting On, there seems to be less and less single Duggar family members. Ok, this doesn’t include the literal children that make up the bottom half of the Duggar family (although maybe it should, this family practically starts courting in infancy). But it seems as though more and more Duggar marriages happen every day, leaving only a few aimless adults without spouses.

Like Jana Duggar. Like, mostly Jana.

But hey, maybe you’re interested in marrying into this horrifyingly misogynistic family! If only there was a dating website that could help with that… But, uh, there’s not, so we’d have to envision what Duggar dating profiles actually look like. You know, in case they want to expedite their love life and get hitched before they’re (gasp!) 30.

John David Duggar

john david dating profile

John David is the same age as twin Jana and yet he gets to ride it out as being a cool Christian bachelor instead of a loveless spinster. Ok, maybe Michelle and Jim-Bob give him s–t for being unattached, but it’s only a matter of time before they push JD to finally start courting. And thank God, because there definitely isn’t enough Duggar grandchildren out there. They’re only, what, in the hundreds right now?

Josiah Duggar

josiah duggar dating profile

Not to make you anxious, but Josiah is actually really experienced, you guys. Back in his wild days, he courted Marjorie Jackson, which ended after a full four months of dating “dating.”) We think that Josiah’s ready to settle down for real, though. After all, he’s 20, the clock is ticking!

Jana Duggar

jana duggar dating profile

Sometimes we get low-key depressed over the idea that in another life, in another family, Jana would be allowed to be a person. Her being single at 27 certainly isn’t a tragedy (and if it is, then oooooh, we’re definitely in trouble), but at this point, it’s keeping her chained to the Duggar family compound. Jana, please go get yourself courted, get married to a nice boy, and then immediately divorce him so you can live a bohemian life in a Parisian flat.

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