High School Musical fans are officially shook to their core.

After a Twitter user named @SHARPAYSAVICTIM posted a spree of tweets that she called “Why Sharpay Evans Was the Real Victim of High School Musical: A Thread,” fans of the Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lucas Grabeel-led movie franchise are questioning everything they thought they knew about the East High Wildcats.


The thread, which has a total of 74 tweets, goes on to dissect each of the three Disney Channel Original movies and analyzes Sharpay’s motives versus the “heroes” of the series, Troy and Gabriella, played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. (You can read the full thread in all its glory here.)

The main points of the first HSM are as follows:

  • Ryan and Sharpay Evans are trained performers who have starred in all of East High’s productions, whereas Gabriella and Troy performed impromptu karaoke one time.

  • The Evans twins completely remix Kelsi’s song “What I’ve Been Looking For,” something that takes great talent.

  • Ryan and Sharpay are on time to their audition, proving their dedication to the theater, whereas Troy and Gabriella show up late and actually audition accidentally (Troy with the sole motivation of getting Gabriella to like him).

  • Theater ends up being “the cool thing to do” solely because Troy Bolton now thinks it’s cool, all the while it was looked down upon when Sharpay and Ryan dedicated their lives to it.

sharpay evans
Disney Channel

In conclusion, Sharpay Evans was a driven, independent, and passionate woman who knew what she wanted and more than that, she worked tirelessly for it. In the end of High School Musical 3, she didn’t even get the Juilliard scholarship — Kelsi did. Sharpay ends up committing to the University of Albuquerque with the promise of sticking around East High and helping with the drama department.


Even though Sharpay did get a sequel, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, in which she tries to establish her acting career in New York City, Ashley Tisdale’s character experienced more loss and ridicule throughout the three movies than rewards for her passion and drive.

Cue the hashtag campaign now sweeping Twitter: #SharpayDeservedBetter.

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