Chicka chicka yeah chicka 10-year anniversary! Can you believe that it’s been an entire decade since the world was first introduced to Superbad? In the past 10 years, the teen flick starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Michael Cera, and Seth Rogen has become a comedic classic — and rightfully so!

In honor of the momentus occasion, Seth Rogen — who not only appears in the movie, but also wrote it with his BFF Evan Goldberg when the two were only teens — shared some fun facts about the movie on Twitter. Check out the video to see what he revealed (warning — there’s some NSFW language)!

Seth and Evan wrote the movie when they were only 13 — and in a 2007 interview released shortly after the flick was released, Seth admitted that the movie turned out “way better” than their adoloscent selves could’ve imagined. He said that they wanted to shake up the genre of high school movie because they were unimpressed with the existing films in the genre, and he hoped the fictional “Evan” and “Seth” would resonate with viewers.

“It always baffled us that nobody wanted to make this movie because we believed we had come up with the most relatable movie theme ever,” he said at the time. “Who doesn’t want to get drunk and sleep with girls? It wasn’t a re-invention of the genre. It was the simplest version of a high school movie.”

He added, “We didn’t like most high school movies, so we were trying to write one we did like. None of the kids in those movies sounded anything like the way we spoke.” He joked, “We were much more disgusting.” Well, we’re sure glad it all played out the way it did!

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